• “Top 5 Mistakes That Skinny Hardgainers Make When Trying To Build Muscle…”
  • by John Wheeler

If you’re currently on a program to help you gain muscle mass, it’s going to be vital that you make yourself aware of the most common mistakes that most guys make when going about this goal.

If you don’t plan your workout and diet properly and make even tiny mistakes that seem insignificant, you could hold yourself back from seeing the progress you’d like.

So what are the main mistakes that are made when it comes to attempting to gain muscle mass?

Let’s have a look so you can be sure you don’t make any of these critical errors.

1. Over Doing The Volume

The first mistake that many skinny hardgainers make when trying to gain muscle mass is overdoing it with the volume side of things. They have this tendency to think that the more volume they do with their bodybuilding workout program, the better the results they’ll see.

So they hit the gym and do set after set after set.

Big mistake!

Remember, for every set you do, your body is going to have to recover and as a hard gainer, your recovery level is much lower than normal.

Don’t bury yourself into the ground in a recovery hole so deep it takes you days to climb out of it. Hit the body hard but then get out of the gym so you can focus on growing.

2. Go Low Carb

The second mistake made when attempting to gain lean muscle mass is going on some low carb diet. You might have heard that by going low carb, you can build 100% pure lean muscle. But, as a hardgainer, you don’t need to be concerned with gaining fat anyway. You have a hard enough time just putting on any weight as it is.

Carbohydrates will cause the release of one of the most anabolic hormones in the body – insulin. You definitely don’t want to be doing without this, so make sure you get those carbs in your diet.

3. Forgetting The Importance Of Basic Compound Heavy-Weight Lifting

The third mistake made when the goal is to gain muscle mass is neglecting the importance of heavy weight, compound lifts. So often you see skinny guys getting all caught up in advanced intricate lifting techniques.

While these may help once in a while to get past a training plateau, more often than not, they’re just going to hinder your progress.

Focus on adding more weight on the bar on the lifts that really count: bench press, squats, deadlifts, rows, and shoulder press.

That is your ticket to gain muscle mass successfully.

4. Getting Caught Up In Supplement Hype

Getting caught up in all the supplement hype is the next no-no if you want to gain muscle mass. It’s easy to be side tracked by all the fancy claims they promise to deliver but don’t be misled. Nothing short of hard work and a good diet is going to get you the results you’re after.

5. Neglecting To Calorie Count

Finally, the last mistake that some skinny hardgainers make when going about the goal to gain muscle mass is forgetting to calorie count.

While it may seem like a nuisance, calorie counting really is essential for success. How else will you know for certain that you’re getting enough calories?

You won’t. Calorie counting lets you add more precision to your diet so that if you don’t see results with your goal to gain muscle mass, you can do something about it.

So there you have the main must-know mistakes to avoid as you work to gain muscle mass. If you’re currently making any of these, now’s the time to get on a better path so you can see the results you’re after.

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