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Muscle Building Program For Beginners

On this page I’m going to show you a simple but deadly effective muscle building program ideal for beginners, and why YOU have an unbelievable advantage over others…so let’s get down to business! Continue reading

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Muscle Building Diet Plan – How To Eat For Big Gains

Spending countless hours in the weights room will only get you so far…without a solid nutrition plan you’ll end up frustrated and never able to reach and blow beyond your genetic potential. A well designed muscle building diet plan will ensure that your body meets its energy requirements for the arduous workouts, as well as have sufficient protein for muscle repair and growth. Continue reading

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Muscle Building Vegetables – Why You Need Them For Muscle Growth

While there is much talk about the role of protein in muscle building and all the various sources for it, from meat to fish to eggs to protein supplements, there is not much talk about the role of vegetables in a muscle building routine and meal plan. Continue reading

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How To Develop Your Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers For A Better Vertical Jump

These days athleticism is so important to success in basketball that players who ignore their vertical jump training do so at their peril. While there is some degree of genetic ability and propensity to good jumping, most people can significantly increase their vertical by training and focusing on the right kind of exercises to maximise their efforts. This is where your fast twitch muscle fibers come into play since they are the ones responsible for the quick reactions and explosive power that you use when jumping, changing direction or going on that quick first step. The best way to train these muscles is with practical exercises that mimic the real world results that you want to achieve. Continue reading

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How To Build Up Grip Strength – 3 Exercises For Super Strong Fingers

No matter what you do, having a stronger grip can improve your performance and prevent injury. Whether you’re a rock climber, basketball player or weight lifter, a stronger grip and fingers can give you the extra edge on your competition and allow you to see more success with very little effort. If you’ve ever had stubbed fingers or had to stop training because your grip gave out, the following exercises will help you to build up your grip strength and prevent those painful finger injuries. Continue reading

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Skinny To Muscle – How To Transform Your Boney Body

While most of the public and mainstream media seem obsessed with weight loss and fad diets to help them stay slim, there are a number of “forgotten” folks who want to know how to do the opposite…namely how to gain weight and transform their boney bodies from skinny to muscle. The thing is, being a skinny guy (or gal) can be really tough and affect your confidence in much the same way as obesity affects those who are overweight. Even a simple thing like walking into a clothes store and trying stuff on can be an arduous task as you try to find something that will cover up your pointy boney shoulders and not make you look like a bean pole. If you’re serious about transforming your boney body from skinny to muscle then you need to pay attention to the following three things. Continue reading

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Fast Twitch Muscle Workout To Build Fast Twitch Fibers

By finding a good fast twitch muscle workout to utilize as you go about your training routine you can be sure that you’re putting your best forward to boosting your jumping ability and improving your sports and fitness performance. Increasing jumping capability is something that tends to be a little more trying, but fortunately when you have the right training program on hand, your success rate will be vastly increased. Continue reading

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Fast Twitch Muscle Training – 3 Exercises To Develop Your Fast Twitch Fibers

If you’re looking for information on fast twitch muscle training, then the following exercises are going to be a must-do for you. Many people who are interested in improving their fast twitch muscle performance go about their training in all the wrong manner and this significantly holds them back from seeing the results that they’re aiming for. By placing the right types of fast twitch muscle training into your program however, you can quickly make gains in this level of your physical performance and pretty soon you’ll notice improvements in your jumping ability. Continue reading

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Fast Twitch And Slow Twitch Muscles – What’s The Difference?

Understanding the key differences in fast twitch and slow twitch muscles is one of the most critical elements to making sure that the training program that you’re going to be using is properly designed to help meet your goals. For anyone who is hoping to increase their jumping ability, boosting the fast twitch muscle fibers will be paramount as these are the fibers that essentially propel this motion. Continue reading

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