• The 29 Week Workout Program – A Review
    29 week workout programIf you’ve been looking for a workout plan to dive into to help you pack on more lean muscle mass, one program that you might have come across is Vince DelMonte’s 29 week workout program.

    It doesn’t take much to see the success that other people have gotten using this workout approach. All you have to do is browse through the numerous testimonials on his site that show off miraculous transformations others have made before.

    But, would you be able to get the same results from his 29 week workout program? Are those guys genetically lucky and easily able to gain lean muscle mass or will the program work for anyone?

    Let’s take a closer look at the program so that you can see precisely what it’s all about.

    What The 29 Week Program Is

    The 29 week program, created by Vince DelMonte is a program that is going to challenge your body like it has never been challenged before.

    You’ll progress through the program, changing around the overall workout program set-up from week to week in order to keep your body guessing and you seeing maximum results.

    Bored is one thing you WON’T be while on this workout program. You’ll incorporate advanced workout techniques such as crash sets and giant sets, both of which will help push your muscle development up a notch.

    In addition to that, you’ll also learn how to structure your cardio training properly so that it helps keep you lean without hindering your ability to build lean muscle mass.

    Who The Program Is Most Suited For

    The nice thing about Vince DelMonte’s program is that virtually everyone can use it. While it has been formulated with the skinny guy in mind, this doesn’t necessarily mean that ectomorphs are the only ones who can benefit.

    Whether you’re a mesomorph or an endomorph, you can still easily utilize the diet plan, but just should make note that you will need to make a few adjustments in terms of your diet.

    This will allow you to see weight gain at a pace that’s comfortable for you without gaining unwanted body fat.

    Vince has also had clients with a wide range of ages utilize his program as well, all the way from 16 year olds up to those who are 65 plus.

    No matter where you stand right now, you can make improvements to your body if you follow it properly.

    Additional Components To Be Aware Of

    For those who do feel that they are a ‘special case’ and need a little extra help, not to worry, the 29 week program has you covered.

    Not only do you get exercise substitution charts for those who can’t perform certain exercises as listed in the plans, you’ll also have access to his help desk support system for any questions that may come up as you progress through.

    Upon signing up to his program, you’ll also become a member of his online community where you can discuss your journey with others and get guidance, support, and encouragement.

    The Verdict

    All in all, if you’re serious about making positive changes in your body and adding more lean muscle mass tissue, the 29 week program can assist you.

    The great thing is that it comes complete with a diet program as well, so you’ll never have any question as to what you should be eating each day in order to maximize your results.

    You’ll simply follow the plan and watch your transformation unfold.

    So if you’re on the fence about the 29 week program, really do give it some serious consideration. With his no-questions-asked money back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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