• 5 Unique Ways To Gain Muscle WITHOUT Fat
    By Vince Delmonte and Lee Hayward (shared with their permission)
    #1 – Reprime your body every 2 weeks to prevent spillage:
    Even if your muscle gain diet is PERFECT, every time you overeat for muscle size, your body will store excess food as fat and the longer you overeat, the more fat that accumulates on your stomach.

    By dropping 1-week lower calorie diets into our program you can quickly strip off any fat you gained and then go back to overeating without losing any muscle you originally gained.

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    #2 – Your best muscle gains come in the first two weeks:
    Think about the last time you tried to gain size? I bet the majority of the gains occurred almost immediately. And then it appears someone turned your muscle building switch to the permanent off position.

    Well someone did! Research shows that your bodies anabolic growth hormones peak after 14 days, at which point “diminishing returns” set in and any additional gains come at the expense of ugly fat.

    So, yes, you certainly need to overeat to gain muscle but to what degree? Two week high calorie cycling instead of months on end is your first step to staying lean and muscular 365-days a year.
    #3 – Never eat fats 1 hour before your workout:
    Why? Because we’re about to spike your insulin with a workout drink that contains sugar and if you eat a fatty steak or nuts 1 hour before your insulin goes high, get ready for fat storage.

    Another tip – always eat a fast digesting protein like white fish 1 hour before you train. You’ll have an influx of amino acids in your muscles while training… very ANABOLIC!
    #4 – Cardio will NOT “strip” off your muscle:
    You should value your heart and lung system to the point that your appearance never comes before your health. You should ALWAYS do at least three cardio sessions a week for at least 30-35 minutes ALL year long.

    What intensity? As long as you’re sweating and your heart is pumping 130-150 beats per minutes, you’re good. Now, if you start doing more than our recommendations, YES, you’ll compromise your muscle gains.
    #5 – Break your training and diet into mini 21-days cycles:
    I never plan my training longer than 21 days at a time. Why? It’s too hard to focus any longer beyond that. Let’s focus on NAILING our workouts and DIALING in our diets 21-days at a time.

    I honestly think people who plan out 12 months of workouts down to the letter are stupid. What a waste of time. Have a rough road map of the future but only zoom in on the details of the next 21 days. Smaller and shorter programs lead to bigger and faster results.
    Gaining 5…10… 15.. and even 20 pounds of PURE MUSCLE (that’s fat free mass) is NOT outrageous or NOT impossible. It happens every day from individuals training SMARTER, not just harder.

    Vince and Lee have incorporated the above strategies into a complete, done-for-you program called 21 Day Fast Mass Building, which is the same program they used both on themselves to get contest-ready and on a large number of test subjects to help them grow muscle fast
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