• How We Write Our Product Reviews…

    I know how frustrating it can be to look for a proper in-depth review on a muscle building program or supplement only to find a load of waffle and same-old same-old info, which is basically just the product’s sales page re-written, and the author clearly hasn’t read or used the product – and in some cases, they haven’t even bought it!
    For this reason, in the interests of clarity, I want to state that ALL reviews of products and programs on this site are genuine reviews of the products themselves, and said products have been purchased out of my own pocket. In some cases, the product owner has provided a review copy specially for this site, in which case this is noted at the top of the review.
    Disclosure: In the interests of transparency you should be aware that throughout the reviews and the rest of the site I link off to various products and programs which pay me a commission should you go on and buy the product. This is done in order to finance this site and the content therein.
    This shouldn’t sway your decision either way, as I’ve endeavoured to give as honest a review as possible with each product.
    Go to the muscle building program reviews page for full info on the best programs out there.

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