Hi there,

My name is John Wheeler and I’m the founder of GainMuscleMass.net.

I set this site up primarily to help skinny guys and girls who are struggling to gain healthy weight and pack on some serious muscle mass.

What’s Up With The Media?

It seemed to me that the media is obsessed with “weight loss” and obesity, yet provides very little useful information on gaining weight…maybe they think it’s not a big deal – but I think you’ll agree that it’s a VERY BIG deal to folks like us, right?

After all, being underweight or lacking muscular development comes with its own set of health and emotional issues. Taking that first step and deciding you want to make a change is a wonderfully empowering moment and I salute you.

The Bodybuilding Press

As an “ectomorph” or “hardgainer” (as we’re affectionately known) it is often difficult to rely on the bodybuilding press which, in my opinion, doesn’t really provide enough quality information for the skinny person. Instead, they seem to prefer trying to sign you up on expensive supplements.

Don’t get me wrong, supplements can certainly serve their purpose in a bodybuilding routine, but they are not the be-all and end-all of successful muscle training. If fact you can absolutely see results without using supplements, it just takes a little more planning and effort.

What’s On This Site?

On this site you’ll find articles, meal plans, weight training routines and strategies to help you break through your genetic potential and pack some meat on them bones!

I’ve also reviewed a number of muscle building programs and given my take on them – sure you can get by on free information, but how long is it going to take you to find what you want? These programs simplify everything and give you a solid plan that you can follow starting today.
I hope you will derive as much use and enjoyment from the information on this site as I’ve enjoyed making it

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact me and I’ll do my best to get back to you asap
Stay strong,

John Wheeler

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