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    Top 3 Women’s Protein Reviewed

    A few years back if a woman wanted to get some advice on choosing the right kind of protein powder for her workouts and diet, she would:

    a) find it difficult to even locate a decent protein powder designed for women, and

    b) get some strange looks from the fellas.

    Suffice to say that protein powder for women used to be the territory of the hardcore female bodybuilder and that was pretty much it.

    The supplement industry has woken up to this need and rightly begun producing protein powders and shakes either specifically designed for women, or at least with the female body in mind.

    For more on the main differences between protein powder for men and women see my other page ==> Protein Powder For Women

    Below are 3 of the best protein powders for women, no matter whether you want to gain muscle or lose weight, you’ll find something for you here. Click the links to read the full reviews of each one (opens in new window)

    Top 3 Protein Powders For Women

    Best Female Protein For Weight Loss -

    EAS Myoplex Lite

    This low fat whey protein is ideal for women who are looking to add it to their weight loss diet, as it makes getting your 5 or 6 small meals per day a heck of a lot easier, and gives a great boost to your metabolism helping you burn fat faster.

    The low fat and low sugar content is a major plus, since this where a number of other protein powders fall short, often adding lots of fillers and sweeteners to get a good taste.

    Read our full review here ==> EAS Myoplex Lite Review

    Best Female Protein To Gain Muscle Mass -

    Cytosport Muscle Milk Light

    The normal version of Muscle Milk is known for its high calorie content and thus was not ideal for the females who are looking to build some muscle but not take on excessive quantities of calories.

    Hence the arrival of Muscle Milk Light which reduces the calorie content by over 30%. Tons of great flavours along with good quality “muscle building” fats make this the ideal protein for ladies who are looking to bulk up without gaining fat.

    Read our full review here ==> Cytosport Muscle Milk Light Review

    Best Tasting Women’s Protein -

    Syntrax Nectar Protein

    Finding a protein powder for women that is not only functional but great tasting is not always easy…especially if you’re trying to count your calories on a weight loss diet.

    However, Nectar protein from Syntrax is one of the best tasting protein powders for women around. The sweet flavours don’t compromise the calorie content, as it contains ZERO fat and carbs…and with only 90 calories per serving it can easily fit into your meal plans.

    Read our full review here ==> Syntrax Nectar Protein Review

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