Body Sculpting Exercises For Men – Your Exercise Routine For A Chiseled Body

If you’re looking to get lean and show off some great muscle definition, getting together some of the best body sculpting exercises will be the optimal way to accomplish this task.

It’s important to remember that the body will respond very differently to the various movements you do, so by choosing the top body sculpting exercises over those that don’t offer as great of results, you really take your progress just that extra step forward.

When doing the following body sculpting exercises, it’s important that you aim to move through the program relatively quickly. This is going to help rev up your metabolic rate so that you burn fat much faster immediately after the workout is completed.

Those who are utilizing very long sets throughout their workout program don’t see nearly the same hormonal release from the session and this can definitely hinder progress.

Let’s take a quick look at a few more of the important factors to know about these body sculpting exercises and get you a plan for success.

Utilize A Moderate Weight Range

First off, while you may be accustomed to training in the very heavy rate range, now is the time to ease up on that for a few of your workouts. You still should aim to get in a few heavier sets as you go about your workout week, but for at least one workout where you use these body sculpting exercises you want to take it a bit lighter.

What this allows you to do is work in the higher rep range, therefore burning off more fatty acids that are released from the tissues in the body. Heavy weight lifting is important for maintaining your strength levels but if you pair it with this technique, then you really can’t be beat.

Perfect Your Form

Second, also be sure that your form is perfected on all the body sculpting exercises you do. When you move out of proper form, that’s when the muscles aimed to be targeted are not worked to their full extent and you see lack-lustre results.

If it means using a lighter weight – so be it. Perfect form is a must.

Aim For Large Ranges Of Movement

Finally, be sure that you aim for the greatest range of motion possible. For example, rather than doing a simple shoulder press, try a wide stance squat into a shoulder press holding a dumbbell instead. This works far more muscle fibers therefore gives you a greater overall calorie burn.

If you can try and target the maximum number of tissues with each exercise you do, you’ll be right on track.

Body Sculpting Workout

So all of these factors said, here’s your body sculpting exercises routine to put into action. Aim for 3 cycles of the following exercises taking one minute of rest between each cycle.

Wide Stance Squat Into Shoulder Press – 12 reps

Renegade Dumbbell Rows – 12 reps total

Single Leg Deadlift Into Lateral Raise – 12 reps

Pull-ups Into Hanging Leg Raise – 12 reps

Plank position hold – 1 minute

If you can make it through this workout, you’re going to see strength gains, cardiovascular fitness improvements, and get the absolute best fat burning results possible.

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