Bodybuilding For Skinny Guys – Your Guide To Pure Muscle Mass

There are some important differences in bodybuilding for skinny guys that you must know about if you are to have good results with your muscle building efforts. Many skinny guys attempt to gain weight in a similar manner as their training partner, but then become discouraged when their progress is not the same.

Following some different principles with regards to bodybuilding for skinny guys will make the difference between you sporting around a muscular physique and you looking pretty much the same come this time next year.

Here is what you need to know.

Lift Heavy

Many regular guys lift a moderate weight for a higher number of reps to get a good ‘muscle pump’ going. While you can do this, most of the time it’s not going to be as effective as if you were lifting a very heavy weight, taking an appropriate rest break between each set.

This is what will allow you to build pure muscle mass and really notice a difference in the scale.

Add More Calorie Dense Foods To Your Diet

The next bodybuilding for skinny guys rule that you should follow is always eating the most calorie dense food you can find. Your body has a metabolic rate that’s always running on high speed, so without quality calories in your day, you’re going to struggle to gain muscle mass.

Good food options to build muscle mass include nuts and nut butters, lean red meat, avocados, raw oats, bagels, dried fruit, trail mix, and whole eggs. If you focus your meals around these foods and less around low-calorie foods, it’ll make getting in your required calorie intake that much easier.

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Keep Your Cardio Training Low

Doing too much cardio is going to have you burning up too many calories and will prevent you from building muscle fast. The problem with a high volume of cardio on a bodybuilding for skinny guys program is that it’s going to work in opposition to your weight lifting workouts, putting the body in a catabolic state rather than an anabolic state.

Two, twenty to thirty minutes of moderate intensity cardio a week can help to increase the appetite and won’t sacrifice your recovery, but avoid doing anything more than this.

Find A Mentor

The last bodybuilding for skinny guys tip to follow is to get yourself a mentor. This could be a personal trainer, a friend, or someone you look up to in person or online. As long as this person serves to motivate you and can possibly give you advice themselves on what they did to get their body, they will be able to help you reach your goal.

Provided you go about your workouts and diet program in the correct manner, there’s no reason why you can’t change your current track record and get the results you desire.

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