Build Muscle Up – Top 5 Exercises To Build Muscle For Skinny Guys

If you are a skinny guy who is looking to build muscle up, it’s important that you’re spending some time assessing the various exercises that you can be doing. Those who are not putting in the needed effort into program planning are never going to see the results they’re after since they will be wasting precious minutes every time they go into the gym.

Don’t ever allow yourself to think that weight lifting exercises are all created equally. If you want to build muscle up, you need to be sure that the right ones are included in your workout sessions.

Let’s have a quick look at the most optimal movements to do that will help you build muscle up.

1. Barbell Deadlifts

The very first exercise that will definitely help you build muscle up are barbell deadlifts. Of all the exercises you perform, this may just be the one that has you lifting the heaviest weight possible. Since lifting a heavy weight is highly equated to generating more lean muscle mass, it must be the priority.

A good set of barbell deadlifts will target the hamstrings, lower back, as well as the core, so you will definitely build muscle up if you can hit these twice per week.

2. Full Squats

Second, full squats should be another ‘must’ in your workout programs. Far too many people make the critical mistake with their squats of not going the full way down in the movement pattern.

Don’t let yourself do this. Instead, go all the way down to the ground so that you are fully stimulating the glutes. If you don’t, you’re going to primarily only target the quad muscles, only seeing half the benefits this exercise has to offer.

3. Clean and Press

Third, if you want a full body movement that will build muscle up quickly perform the clean and press. This exercise will target the quads, hamstrings, core, shoulders, triceps, and the biceps, really creating a huge hormonal response in the body.

When you do these you’ll see great muscle growth in all areas of the body, so if you’re short on time with your workouts, they are a good one to add in there.

4. Barbell Bench Press

Fourth, the next movement to help build muscle up is the barbell bench press. This is one of the more commonly known chest exercises and will definitely stimulate the chest, triceps, shoulders, and the biceps.

If you can work on doing this exercise at your max weight that allows you to complete four to six reps, you will be right on target for generating solid muscle growth in this region.

5. Pull-Downs

Finally, the last exercise to build muscle up are pull-downs. This is a slightly better option for the skinny guy compared to pull-ups since because you are likely of a lighter bodyweight, you may find that you use more resistance on the pull-down. Having enough resistance is the primary characteristic that’s needed for optimum growth, so then the pull-down definitely takes top marks.

In some cases this won’t be true and having a mix of the two exercises would be a good approach, but if you’re not challenged at all with pull-ups, don’t waste your time with them. Opt for pull-downs instead.

So keep these exercises in mind. If they are wisely put into your workout program, you will be on your way to successfully being able to build muscle up.

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