• Challenge Workouts Program Review – Shawna Kaminski’s Ultimate Pull Up and Push Up Workouts
    If you’re someone who is either just getting started with a fitness program or are looking to take your fitness to the next level, Shawna Kaminski’s Challenge Workouts program can definitely get you to your end goal.

    This workout is designed for those who don’t want to train using fancy equipment at some high priced gym, but who would prefer to work out wherever it may suit them using nothing much more than their own body weight.

    Let’s have a closer look at what this program is all about so you can decide whether it’s right for you.

    Who Is Shawna Kaminski?

    Shawna Kaminski is a certified personal trainer who recently got a glimpse of inspiration while attending a fitness conference in Las Vegas. She witnessed a female trainer who successfully completed 29 pull-ups in a row – a feat that would catch anyone’s eye. This really stuck around in her mind.

    Shortly after, she posed a challenge to herself. She would complete 30 pull-ups in a row, one more than that trainer did.

    Only she didn’t. After failing in this attempt, she decided that it was time to raise awareness of how to boost your fitness by going back to the basics. Rather than getting so caught up in elaborate gym routines, one could achieve a much more practical and higher state of fitness simply by using their own body weight.

    After this the program was born.

    The Premise Behind Challenge Workouts

    The premise behind the program is that the pull-up and push-up exercises are both challenges to your endurance level and challenges to your strength. So what better way to boost your overall fitness level by working on both of these in a complete workout program?

    You’ll learn the proper technique to doing both of these exercises, while also learning other movements you can perform using just your body weight to firm and sculpt the body, while burning body fat at the same time.

    What You’ll Get

    Challenge Workouts program

    When you sign up for the Challenge Workouts program, you’re going to get:

    • * The ultimate pull-up program, where you’ll get everything you need to know to perfect your pull-up
    • * The ultimate push-up challenge, which will guide you through being able to master numerous push-ups in a row
    • * Members only video library so you can see exactly how to perform a wide variety of different exercises
    • * A little black book of pull-up variations that you can use to challenge your body more thoroughly
    • * Simple nutritional practices to help you attain fat loss and firming success
    • * 31 blender smoothie recipes to help fuel your body and stick with your diet
    • * This program has everything covered that you’ll need to make a complete transformation. In addition to that, the main program is broken down into three stages that take you from entry level to the most advanced, hard core training you will ever experience.


    Who This Program Is For?

    This program is great for both males and females who want to work out at home or with minimal equipment. It’s going to help to burn fat, build muscle, and improve power and speed capabilities as well. For this reason, it will also be an excellent addition to any athlete’s training program.


    • * Requires minimal equipment
    • * Is fast to perform
    • * Will work all the main muscles in the body
    • * Comes with a nutritional component, which is key for seeing results


    • * Won’t build as much muscle strength and size as traditional heavy-weight focused workouts
    • * Those who are very weak may struggle if they can’t even come close to performing a single pull-up and may need a more introductory program before starting this


    The Verdict

    All in all, this is a unique training program that addresses an element of fitness often left out by many – the power of the simple push-up and pull-up. This program will definitely change the way your body looks and functions when performed properly and is going to help you see a greater level of success all around in terms of your fitness level.

    If you’re looking for fast and effective workouts, the Challenge Workouts program will be sure to please.

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