Fast Twitch Muscle Training – 3 Exercises To Develop Your Fast Twitch Fibers

  • Fast Twitch Muscle Training – 3 Exercises To Develop Your Fast Twitch Fibers
    If you’re looking for information on fast twitch muscle training, then the following exercises are going to be a must-do for you. Many people who are interested in improving their fast twitch muscle performance go about their training in all the wrong manner and this significantly holds them back from seeing the results that they’re aiming for. (Read my article on the differences between fast and slow twitch muscles to find out more about how they work).

    By performing the right kind of fast twitch muscle workout however, you can quickly make gains in this level of your physical performance and pretty soon you’ll notice improvements in your jumping ability.

    Let’s go over the top three exercises that you should be doing at least three times a week in order to see optimal progress. Be sure to take one day off between each exercise however to let the body fully repair and recovery.

    Jump Squats

    The very first exercise on the list that will really enhance your rebounding ability is the jump squat. Since this exercise is going to take you from the fully crouched position to rebounding entirely right off the ground, this will definitely transfer over to your athletic performance.

    To perform it, simply get into a standing position and then move all the way down until you’re in the full squat position.

    From there, instantly jump as high off the floor as possible, while reaching upwards towards the roof. Upon landing, move immediately back down into the squat position to complete the rep.

    Aim for ten to fifteen of these total, doing two to three sets per workout.

    Wall Jumps

    The second fast twitch muscle training exercise to add to your workout are wall jumps. These are different from jump squats in that now instead of rebounding off both legs from the full squat position, you’re rebounding off one leg with some momentum already in place.

    To perform this movement, stand about three feet away from the wall. Then, take two steps forward towards the wall and on that third step (you should be right next to the wall at this point), jump up as high off the ground as possible.

    Reach up towards the wall and touch the highest point that you reach. If you like, keep track of this touch point (using a marker of sorts) and you can see your improvements from week to week.

    Aim for ten jumps per leg each workout.

    Heavy Squats With Fast Tempo

    Finally, the third fast twitch muscle training exercise to add are heavy squats with a specific tempo. Having the heavy squats in there is vital since these will really improve the overall strength of the muscle fibers and help to build up more power.

    The only difference between the regular squat and this version is that you’re changing the tempo. Now, rather than taking about two to three seconds to lower the weight and then two to three seconds to raise the weight back up, you’re going to take three seconds to lower, use a two second pause at the bottom, and then try and push back up to the standing position over just one single second.

    This faster push-up portion of the exercise is what will best develop those fast twitch muscle fibers as they’re being asked to contract very quickly when already in a fatigued state.

    Aim for five to six reps of this and three to four sets per workout.

    So there you have the top three exercises to include in your fast twitch muscle training routine to boost your jumping ability and improve leg power. If you do these regularly, you should see significant improvements in just a few week’s time.

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