• Fast Twitch Muscle Workout To Build Fast Twitch Fibers
    By finding a good fast twitch muscle workout to utilize as you go about your training routine you can be sure that you’re putting your best forward to boosting your jumping ability and improving your sports and fitness performance.

    Increasing jumping capability is something that tends to be a little more trying, but fortunately when you have the right training program on hand, your success rate will be vastly increased.

    The number one thing that you must focus on during your fast twitch muscle training is the tempo that is utilized throughout the exercise session. Since you are looking to boost the overall speed in which a weight is moved (which is characteristic of fast twitch muscle fibers), you want to be using a tempo that does have a rapid acceleration phase. (If you’re not sure exactly what I’m talking about, read my article on the differences between fast and slow twitch muscles)

    Let’s look at a few of the important things to remember about a fast twitch muscle workout and then give you your workout sample to try out.

    Proper Recovery Will Be Key

    The very first thing to remember about a fast twitch muscle workout is that recovering properly will be key. Fast twitch muscle training does tend to be quite intensive on the body so you definitely can’t be doing back to back sessions.

    Try and allow for at least one day of complete rest after doing a fast twitch muscle fiber workout in order to best improve performance. Since this training is much more taxing on the CNS as well, if you aren’t giving the body the rest it needs then you won’t have nearly the same level of force output.

    Work On Single Leg Strength

    Second, the next thing that you should do when working the lower body is also focus in on some single leg work. This puts the legs in their weakest state (when acting alone and having to balance the body) and will therefore boost the fast twitch muscle fiber capability better.

    While you don’t want all the lower body exercises to be single leg, having a good balance of the two will be essential.

    Utilize Longer Rest Periods

    Finally, you’ll want to note that you should keep your rest periods on the longer side when doing these workouts as well. Again, since these workouts do take a lot out of the body you don’t want to be forcing the muscles to try and work again before they are recovered.

    Give them ample time to resaturate their high energy compounds and get ready for the next set before beginning. If you do that, you will definitely see faster and more powerful results.

    Your Workout Plan

    So let’s get to your fast twitch muscle workout plan. Note that this plan is primarily targeted towards improving jumping capability so will focus on lower body exercises only.

    If you want to boost your upper body fast twitch muscle fibers, then develop a similar plan using the same principles.

    Leg PressTempo: 3-2-1 – 5 reps X 3 sets / 3 minutes rest between sets

    Single Leg Full Squat (without weight)Tempo: 2-1-2 – 5-10 reps X 2 sets / 1 minute rest

    Single Leg Split SquatTempo: 3-2-1- – 8 reps X 2 sets / 2 minutes rest between sets

    Jump Squats(done to tempo that feels comfortable) – 10 reps X 3 sets / 1 minute rest between sets

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