Full Body Licious Review – 3 Fitness Model Tips From Flavia Delmonte’s New Program

Flavia Delmonte was not satisfied transforming her own body from a loose 18% body fat down to a tight and toned 13.5% (see the pictures), she’s now set her sights on helping all those women out there who are being cheated and literally starved of good information to get themselves into great shape and looking divine.
Her new Full-Body-Licious program (released today) is designed to show the ladies how to train for success, by eating and training the way your body is meant to – after all, despite what all the feminists say, men and women ARE different physiologically, so it doesn’t make sense to just follow what the guys do and hope for the best.
Below are 3 things you need to know if you want to get a super-hot bikini body

Low Calorie Diets Make You Fat

Despite what all the health shows and celeb magazines will tell you, low calorie diets are NOT the secret to a great figure. In fact, in some cases these kind of fad diets will do you more harm than good.


Well, your body is not stupid…if you significantly reduce your calorie intake, sure you may see a quick drop in weight over the first few days, but after this period your body will simply adapt and your metabolism will slow down further, causing you to put on even more weight – this is what is known as STARVATION MODE.

Fat Burning Cardio – How To Do It Properly

How many times have you gone to your gym and seen the same folks on the treadmill? Ever noticed that they are always on there, spend ages on it, and yet…to be honest…are not in great shape?

Something must be wrong with this picture right?

The reason is that they are performing what is known as steady state cardio. In other words exercising at a consistent level for long periods of time without really pushing their body.

Unfortunately for these folks this is not the best cardio to lose weight quickly.

You’re much better off performing Interval training, also known as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). This means you will perform short bursts of activity at maximum intensity, interspersed with periods at a lower intensity.

This type of cardio can help you to burn TWICE the fat in HALF the time as the usual standard gym-goers.

Should Women Lifts Weights?

Most women are afraid of lifting weights, fearing that they will make them look like masculine bodybuilders and lose their femininity.

The truth is these fears are unfounded.

Building muscle mass is tough enough for the guys, who are genetically and hormonally designed to build muscle much faster and easier than women. The truth is most women simply don’t have the genetics or sufficient testosterone to build a lot of muscle.

The women that are muscular have often taken hormonal supplements and / or spent years following very strict diet and training regimes to push their bodies beyond their natural limits.

Lifting weights are a great way for women to tone their bodies and get a great firm shape, which accentuates your natural curves. It also helps to build strength, improve your posture and burn fat faster (since more muscle mass means a faster metabolic rate).

Read my in-depth Full Body Licious review for more info on Flavia and her latest program.

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