• Full-Body-Licious Review – Flavia Delmonte’s Female Fitness Program

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    Flavia Delmonte

    Let’s face it, as a female you know your body is different. You don’t desire that muscular look that your boyfriend, husband, or male co-worker is after. Instead you want a sleek body – one that’s defined, toned, strong, yet sexy.

    You want a body that shows that you clearly workout but one that also gives off the most feminine of appearances.

    If this describes your current desires, then one program you’ll want to take a good look at is the newest female fitness program to hit the market, Full Body Licious.

    This workout, often referred to as being ‘Flavilicious Fitness‘ is going to dramatically transform the way you look and change the way you think about exercise forever.

    In order to fully understand whether it’s the right workout for you however, it’s important that you know some key facts about it.

    Let’s give you the scoop of the ‘Full Body Licious’ program that Flavia DelMonte has put together…

    Who Is Flavia DelMonte And How Can She Help You?

    Flavia DelmonteFirst off, you’re likely wondering who the heck Flavia DelMonte is. And, why should you trust her?

    Flavia DelMonte is the wife of Vince DelMonte, one of the top muscle building coaches in the world. His No-Nonsense Muscle Building program has taken the male population by storm and produced more success stories than multiple other programs combined.

    Now it seems to be a case of ‘like husband, life wife’. While Flavia did take steps to get her former out-of-shape self into better shape, it was after getting involved with Vince that she’s really taken it into high gear.

    She’s achieved top notch personal training certifications and has a Masters level course in nutrition.

    But don’t worry, she’s not just all theory…

    Flavia DelMonte has put her knowledge into action. She’s recently done photos shoots for a wide variety of magazines, Oxygen magazine included, and has been helping hundreds of women with her advice on how to actually firm up and change the way they look.

    It was only recently though that she decided it was time to put all this advice into a complete package so women could start making their own dramatic body transformations…

    Sneak Peek At The Full-Body-Licious Program…



    Flavia’s Target Audience


    So who is the full body licious program for? Who will most benefit from Flavilicious Fitness?

    The great thing is that anyone can use it! It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, in shape or not, if you’re someone who desires to take their body up to the next level, this program is targeted towards you.

    It’s meant for those who want a change however, so keep in mind that if you’re still hung up on your old training routine that isn’t delivering you the results it should, this program isn’t for you.

    Flavia DelMonte introduces a number of new concepts in this program that are going to definitely challenge what you’ve known before. If you’re open to the information and are willing to put it to good use, you will get results.

    But if you fight these changes and stick with what you’ve done in the past, you won’t get the results that you should from this program.

    Remember, you have to create change in order to get change.

    Flavilicious Fitness is all about that – it’s a new way of thinking about what it takes to transform your body into ‘female fitness model’ shape.

    Step 1: The Workouts

    The workouts you’re going to receive when doing the Full Body Licious program can be best described as intense. Basically, get ready to push yourself because she’s taking you to the limit.

    You’ll receive a number of different workout plans, each one targeting a specific ‘trouble zone’ that most women deal with. You’ll be working out five days per week while on the plan and using a different workout each and every day.

    The variety of the Full Body Licious program is one of the biggest reasons why so many women see success. First, not only will you never get bored on the program, but the constant change keeps your body guessing as to what comes next.

    You will never ever hit a plateau while on this program. The Full Body Licious program is a full body approach and each session is incredibly fast paced and dedicated towards helping you burn fat fast.

    Note that the program is NOT designed to build big bulky muscles, but rather to tone and define the muscles you already have – while removing that stubborn layer of fat covering them.

    The workouts that you can look forward to, all of which are available on video format right online, include:

    • 1) The Tight And Trim Thighs Workout
      2) The Show Off Stomach Workout
      3) The Booty Booster Workout
      4) The Sleek And Shapely Shoulders Workout
      5) The Beautiful Backside Workout

    All in all, this program has everything covered.

    Full Body Licious DVDs

    Step 2: The Diets

    Since the workout is only half the equation of a total body transformation, Flavia DelMonte also shares with you her ‘Deadline Diet‘, which she used to get photo-shoot ready.

    This diet is all about carbohydrate manipulation to help send your metabolism into overdrive so you’re burning up body fat at an extremely accelerated pace.

    What’s more is that since it’s not going to cut carbohydrates out of the plan entirely, you’ll easily be able to satisfy food cravings all while burning up fat.

    Equipped with all the knowledge she’s learned in her Masters nutrition course as well as while working with leading industry diet experts, this nutrition approach will take all the guesswork out of your diet.

    The Missing Pieces

    Now, since no program is 100% perfect, we have to tell you the drawback of the Full Body Licious program.

    The only drawback with this plan is that it will take a bit of time commitment. As you are working out five days a week, you need to commit to five days a week to see the best results. While you could shorten it up if you really had to, remember if you want optimal results, you need to follow it as is.

    Fortunately, the workouts themselves aren’t all that long, so this should be easily accomplished by most women serious about their goal. A lunchtime workout will be sufficient.

    The Final Verdict

    Overall, for a woman who wants to change her body using proven techniques that really deliver, you can’t go wrong with Flavia DelMonte’s Flavilicious Fitness program. She also offers a full money back guarantee so you really have nothing to lose.

    Not only are the workouts going to target each specific area you really struggle with, but they’re fun, fast, and effective as well.

    So if you are committed and ready to make a change, do not discount what this workout can do for you.

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