• 100% Whey Gold Standard Review – Is Optimum Nutrition’s Protein Any Good?

    100 Whey Gold Standard

    My own pot of gold!

    The Gold Standard 100% Whey protein from Optimum Nutrition has fast become one of the most popular powders on the market, winning various awards in the process.
    But awards count for nothing if it doesn’t deliver, right?
    Well, in this case the awards are deserved.
    Let’s take a closer look why…

    Nutrition Facts

    The Gold Standard Whey protein powder ticks all the right boxes when it comes to protein content and quality. As you can see from the ingredients list opposite (it’s for the Vanilla Ice Cream flavour…my personal favourite)

    whey gold standard ingredients

    The key factors to note are:

    • * 24 g of protein in a 30g serving (80% protein by weight)
    • * Composed of a mixture of high quality protein isolates, concentrates and peptides (whey peptides are powerful isolates of amino acids giving you faster absorption and better results read more about whey peptides here)
    • * Low sugar and fat content
    • * Good level of calories (most are coming just from the protein itself and not extra fillers)


    Protein Quality

    Good quality protein containing a large amount of protein isolates. Isolates are 90% pure protein by weight, and are the purest form of protein that exists, making them the best choice for folks looking to gain solid mass. This also makes them expensive, so don’t let cheap offers from other brands sway you…be sure to check the type and quantity of protein they contain.

    Taste and Variety of Flavours

    While some protein powders leave a lot to be desired in the taste department, Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard whey is great tasting and comes in a huge variety of 24 different flavours (from Rocky Road to Tropical Punch) so there’s definitely something to satisfy every palate.

    For me the Vanilla Ice Cream and Banana flavours are best, as they taste like a standard milk shake – not what you might expect from a protein shake!


    The Gold Standard Whey is definitely one of the easiest and best mixing protein powders I’ve tried. Sometimes when I’m at home I’ll just add a scoop to a large glass of milk and stir it with a spoon, and it mixes really well – no lumps. So there’s no need to get the blender out everytime you want a shake.

    The reason for this is that it is “INSTANTIZED” – meaning that it is super-easy to mix, saving you a lot of time and hassle. It makes it easy to add in other ingredients like fruit and blend to make a powerful smoothie.

    However, it can sometimes be a tad grainy when mixed with a spoon in water, but very good with milk.

    Does It Give You Gas?

    Now, to anyone that’s never used a protein powder before this may seem like somewhat of an odd question.

    However, protein shakes have a reputation for giving you gas and an unsettled stomach. There are many possible reasons for this, from lactose intolerance, to poor protein quality to the quantity that you consume.

    Unfortunately it largely comes down to the individual and whether or not it affects you. For me, I don’t suffer from any gas when using Optimum Nutrition’s 100% Whey Gold Standard protein. Which is more than can be said for when I used Maximuscle’s ProMax powder…spare a thought for my long-suffering wife! ;)

    (Just as a side note, I’ve no real problem with Maximuscle’s ProMax powder, in fact it’s a very good quality product with a high quantity of protein isolates, it just didn’t agree with me personally – it might work for you though)

    Bad Points?

    No review would be complete without a look at some of the points. Thankfully, there are not many.

    As I also mentioned above, some folks have stated that some of the flavours can be a little grainy when mixed with water, although it mixes very well with milk. I personally haven’t come across this phenomenon, but as I say it could be dependent on the flavour you choose.

    The 100% Whey Gold Standard does use some artificial sweeteners such as Acesulfame Potassium which I understand some folks may not feel comfortable with. However, Optimum Nutrition do make a powder which is completely free from artificial sweeteners which you can look at here.


    The 100% Whey Gold Standard protein is my personal favourite and I’d recommend it to anyone as a first choice whey protein supplement.

    The only problem I’ve found is that it can be difficult to find in supplement and health food stores (I’m talking in the UK – not sure what it’s like elsewhere), but thankfully there are a number of places to pick it up online – I’ve found the best prices from the most reputable sellers for you below.

    Price list:

    A 5lb tub costs:

    Bodybuilding.com – $43.99
    Amazon.com – $45.82


    Have you used ON’s 100% Gold Standard protein? Let me know what you think of it in the comments below…

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