• How To Build Up Grip Strength – 3 Exercises For Super Strong Fingers

    No matter what you do, having a stronger grip can improve your performance and prevent injury. Whether you’re a rock climber, basketball player or weight lifter, a stronger grip and fingers can give you the extra edge on your competition and allow you to see more success with very little effort.

    If you’ve ever had stubbed fingers or had to stop training because your grip gave out, the following exercises will help you to build up your grip strength and prevent those painful finger injuries.

    What Makes A Strong Grip?

    A strong grip is a combination of strong fingers and joints and solid forearm muscles. Performing exercises that work these areas is a sure way to get a better grip.

    FingerTip Pushups

    Did you ever see Bruce Lee do those one finger push-ups? Pretty amazing huh? Well fingertip push ups not only look impressive but are great for strengthening the fingers and improving your grip.

    Spread your fingers slightly and get into a normal pushup position…the only difference being the fact that you are now supported on your finger tip pads instead of your palms. Now do your pushups as normal.

    These can be very difficult at first and quite taxing on the fingers so go easy until you get used to them and build your strength up. If they are too hard, do them on your knees first until you are able to do them the usual way.

    Hand Grippers

    I used to play a lot of basketball and would often get stubbed fingers which were not only incredibly painful but would often keep me on the bench for days.

    Then I discovered the hand gripper and hardly ever got another stubbed finger again.

    The beauty behind this is you develop great grip strength and can really feel the ache in your finger muscles and joints afterwards.

    You can also do them anywhere…in front of the TV, on the train, or any spare moment you get. These are very underrated and a widely overlooked piece of exercise equipment to improve your grip strength – they’re super cheap too.

    Wrist Curls and Reverse Wrist Curls

    Wrist curls will help develop your forearm strength and thus your grip.

    Doing both normal curls and reverse wrist curls will ensure you achieve muscular development on all the important muscles.

    Get a weighted barbell that you feel comfortable with and do 3 sets of 6-10 reps. Try getting yourself an E-Z Curl Bar so that your grip is more comfortable and you place less strain on your wrist joints.

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