How To Develop Your Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers For A Better Vertical Jump

Increasing your vertical jump by 6-12 inches could totally transform your game. Picture the kind of player YOU would be if you could get those extra inches…how many extra points could you score? How many highlight reel dunks could you do? How many scouts would start talking about you? And how many girls would suddenly start paying you some serious attention?

These days athleticism is so important to success in basketball that players who ignore their vertical jump training do so at their peril.

While there is some degree of genetic ability and propensity to good jumping, most people can significantly increase their vertical by training and focusing on the right kind of exercises to maximise their efforts.

This is where your fast twitch muscle fibers come into play since they are the ones responsible for the quick reactions and explosive power that you use when jumping, changing direction or going on that quick first step.

The best way to train these muscles is with practical exercises that mimic the real world results that you want to achieve.

Don’t get me wrong, weight training is great and certainly plays a part in helping you to increase your vertical jump, but it tends to work your muscles in one kind of way which is not always conducive to generating explosive power. A good weight training and mass building workout COMBINED with a fast twitch muscle workout is sure-fire way to becoming unstoppable.

I’ve provided a sample workout here for you to develop your fast twitch fibers and jump higher ==> Fast Twitch Muscle Workout

Try combining it with this Basketball Weight Training Workout to see optimum results.

NOTE: You should leave a full day’s rest between workouts, don’t do them on back-to-back days. The nature of these exercises is such that they can place a lot of stress on the muscles, so it’s best to leave sufficient rest in between. Less is more in this case.

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