• How To Gain 20 Pounds Of Muscle Fast – 4 Skinny Guy Muscle Building Strategies
  • If you’re looking to really change your body, it’s worth investing some time to learn how to gain 20 pounds of muscle quickly. Far too many skinny guys waste months if not years in the gym not realizing the progress they were hoping for all because they simply didn’t approach their program correctly.

    Let’s go over four skinny guy muscle building strategies that you should know about if you want to achieve success.

    Introduce Drop Sets

    The very first thing that you must keep in mind if you’re to learn how to gain 20 pounds of muscle is that you can never stay at a standstill. Unless you’re constantly introducing new methods of going about your workout into your program you will eventually plateau and stop seeing results.

    One of the best ways to push your body further and start seeing faster results is to perform some drop sets. These are going to have you performing one set of an exercise and then immediately dropping the weight before a second set is completed.

    Try and move through this three times per ‘superset’ so that you bring your muscles to a point of full fatigue.

    Focus On Decline Bench

    Second, the next thing that you must do is look at using the decline bench to boost up your chest. Many guys who want to gain 20 pounds of muscle will focus on the key core exercises – bench press, squat, deadlift, rows, and shoulder press, but forget to add in their variations.

    Remember, your goal is to keep the body guessing and by using variations of these movements, you do just that.

    Make Use Of The Post-Workout Window

    Third, also make sure that you’re making use of that post-workout window. Immediately after your session your body is primed to take up nutrients and build new muscle tissue out of it. If you can flood your cells with both proteins and carbohydrates, you’ll definitely get far superior results than you had if you had skipped the meal entirely.

    Don’t be afraid to eat during this time. It can make or break your results.

    Factor Out Cardio Training

    Finally, the last thing to know about how to gain 20 pounds of muscle is that you should really be focusing on minimizing the additional cardio training you’re doing. While cardio is good and will help keep your heart in shape, it’s going to eat up precious calories that could have been used for muscle building purposes.

    If you are going to do some cardio, keep the intensity down so it doesn’t require you to spend more time in recovery and keep it to twenty minutes maximum. Then also be sure to take in a few more calories each day that you do it to offset what you burn.

    If you do this then you should start seeing the results that you’ve been after.

    So keep these quick tips in mind. Learning how to gain 20 pounds of muscle can be done quickly and efficiently if you have a proper guide to follow.

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