How To Gain Muscle Mass Fast – 3 Ways To Beat Your Skinny Genetics

  • How To Gain Muscle Mass Fast
    - 3 Ways To Beat Your Skinny Genetics

    For many skinny people, knowing how to gain muscle mass is easier said than done. While some people seem to get bigger just by looking at a weights room, others work hard without ever making any real progress.

    The good news is that almost anyone can beef up if they know how to gain muscle mass. There are 3 muscle building rules you need to follow if you want to learn how to gain muscle mass:

    #1: Intensity:

    How hard do you work in the gym? If you are serious about building muscle, you have to train with intensity. Training with intensity means:

    Using the right weight: You need to lift the right weight for your strength, size, and training needs. That’s actually quite easy to assess. The correct weight is the one that you can lift 10 to 12 times, using good form. If you can do 15, 20, or more reps, the weight is too light. If you can only manage 3 or 4 reps, or have to cheat to get to ten reps, the weight is too heavy.

    Working to exhaustion: Once you have the weight right, you have to push it. That means you do as many reps as you can – the last one should be almost impossible, and indeed, you may even fail. If that happens somewhere between 9 and 12 reps, you’re right on course.

    Minimize rest: Another way of increasing intensity is to minimize the rest you take between sets. While long rests (3 to 5 minutes) are useful for people training to increase their maximum strength, for those who want to learn how to gain muscle mass, resting 30 seconds to one minute is ideal.

    #2: The Right Exercises:

    There are a number of key exercises that have such a profound effect on the body that they stimulate growth. Not surprisingly, these are hard exercises, so people often avoid them! The most powerful exercises are:

    * Squats

    * Dead-lifts

    * Bench press

    * Military Press

    * Pull-ups

    * Push Ups

    The reason these exercises are so effective is that they are compound movements – that means they use more than one muscle.

    #3: Nutrition:

    The final secret in learning how to gain weight and build muscle is to get your nutrition right. This is a particular issue for lean individuals. Whenever you train hard with weights, you break muscle down – if you feed it right, it will then grow back bigger and stronger. But if your nutrition is poor, you will never make any progress.

    The biggest need for most people is more protein. Protein is the basic building material for growing muscles, and without enough protein you will never grow.

    The best source of protein for anyone wanting to know how to gain muscle mass is whey protein. You can buy it in powdered form at gyms, health food shops and online. Take it twice a day, once about 30 minutes before your workout, and once before you go to bed, and you will ensure that your muscles always have what they need to grow.

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