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    3 Fitness Model Tips
    If you’re a woman who is looking to add some shape to her body, you’ll definitely want to learn the best techniques for how to gain weight fast for girls. Unfortunately, due to the hormonal composition of the female body it does tend to be quite a bit harder to see progress taking place since naturally you won’t build muscle very rapidly.

    Fortunately though, if you learn how to gain weight fast and utilize these strategies, you should come out very successful.

    Let’s go over three of the biggest must-know tips on how to gain weight fast for girls. .
    Use Various Weight Ranges

    The very first thing that you must do if you are going to add more lean muscle mass to your frame is lift using a variety of different weights. One big mistake many women make is always lifting lighter weights than they are fully capable of doing thinking this is going to help add more muscle ‘tone’.

    Don’t let yourself fall for this trap. If you want to see how to gain weight fast for women, you must push the barrier. This means lifting a heavy enough weight that you’re fully fatigued by at least the 8th rep. If you can move beyond this and perform ten to fifteen reps, that’s an indication you need to boost the weight so you challenge yourself more.

    This isn’t to say you must forgo lighter weights altogether, but mix it up so there is a good combination occurring.
    Focus On Compound Movements

    Second, another thing to do if you want to see how to gain weight fast for girls is to focus on compound movements. Throw away all the isolation exercises you’re doing in your workout program like bicep curls, leg extensions, and lateral raises.

    While you can do these at times if you really wish, they simply won’t give you the biggest ‘bang’ for your time invested. Only perform exercises that use multiple muscle groups at once. You want to maximize the muscle building hormones you do have and these will do just that.
    Don’t Fear Your Food

    Finally, be sure that you’re taking in enough calories and following a solid weight gain diet plan. Many women, even those who do want to see how to gain weight fast for girls are scared to eat more than they’re used to as they figure it will lead to body fat gain.

    Remember, it’s only when you take in way too many calories that this will occur. If you keep it much more reasonable then you should have no trouble adding small amounts of muscle without the corresponding body fat gain.

    If you don’t get in enough calories though, then you’re going to directly short your results to gain lean muscle tissue since the body has nothing to build it from.

    So keep these tips in mind. If you’ve been wondering how to gain weight fast for girls, these are an absolute must-do.
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