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    Skinny Girl Secrets To Gaining Weight
    While most people feel that all women want to lose weight, in fact there are many skinny girls out there who would do almost anything to gain pounds in the right places for that great curvy figure. For many women, gaining as little as 5 to 10 pounds in lean muscle can help them go from flat to all that and filling out their clothes in the right way!

    When women gain muscle they do more than simply add value to their scale. It is a fact that muscle burns consumed calories at a far faster rate than fat, which means that gaining a few pounds of muscle can actually help metabolism and increase your overall health. In addition, a fast metabolic rate means that the foods that you do eat are less likely to show up on the scales (in a negative way) the next week.

    However, there are a few important facts that women who want to gain weight should know.

    Gaining Weight Comes From Weight Lifting, Not Cardio

    Ever noticed where most women hang out in gyms? That’s right, the cardio machines. In an effort to lose weight, most women choose to spend time burning calories through cardiovascular exercise. However, if your goal is to gain muscle weight, you need to work on building muscles, not burning calories. Therefore, women who want to gain weight should change their workout focus to weight lifting over cardio machines.

    As you begin lifting weight, keep this basic guide in mind to determine how much weight you should lift. Each exercise you do should cause your target muscle group to fatigue within 8 to 12 reps. However, you should also be able to complete 2 to 4 sets for each exercise.

    Food Is Your Friend

    Again, most of the mistakes that women make when they want to gain muscle comes from the conditioning they receive from the weight loss industry. If you want to gain weight, you need to take in more calories, there is no way around it. You cannot let your preconditioning towards small meals override the necessity to take in more fuel in order to supplement weight gain.

    However, that is not to say that you should be gorging on donuts and sweets. Instead, concentrate on healthy options such as lean protein, “good” fats and complex carbohydrates. Once in a while, allow yourself the indulgences you usually forego as a means to help up your calories. The extra energy you take in (in the form of calories) will go toward helping to synthesize that new muscle tissue.

    Patience, Patience, Patience

    Just like weight loss, good weight gain in women will happen more slowly than it does in men. That means that you will need to be patient and stick to a program over the long run if you want to see results.

    If you go about trying to gain weight in the wrong way, you will end up with the wrong results. That is why finding a quality, tested program for women’s weight gain is so important.

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