• How To Get Big Forearms – 4 Exercises For A Complete Big Forearm Workout

    While most guys who hit the gym tend to focus on their biceps and pecs, the savvy folks are looking to improve their WHOLE body and balance their training routines to get functional strength and power and not just big show-off muscles.

    In this respect, knowing how to get big forearms is a key area that MUST be worked effectively to get serious arm and grip strength. A better grip and stronger hands will result in better technique and less fatigue throughout the rest of your exercises like bench press, barbell curls etc.

    Top 4 Exercises For Bigger Forearms

    Now, while almost every weights exercise that you perform at the gym will to some extent help you to get bigger and stronger forearms, the following 4 that I’m going to show you will supercharge your muscle gains.

    Tip: Make sure you perform these how to get big forearm exercises at the END of your workouts, not at the beginning…they are tough and you’ll feel “the burn” – so they are best performed at the end where they won’t compromise your grip strength on the rest of the exercises in your weight training routine.

    #1 – Reverse Barbell Curl

    Similar to the standard barbell curl but performed using an overhand grip instead of an underhand grip.

    Grab a bar with both hands with your feet less than a shoulder-width apart. Lift the bar by rotating at your elbows and bring it up towards your chest, making sure to keep your elbows at your sides. Lower the bar to the start and repeat for 10 reps.

    #2 – Wrist Curls and Reverse Wrist Curls

    These are great for working out the forearms…expect to feel a serious burn after these and notice a major muscle pump in your forearms (yep, they’ll be visibly bigger…but just for a moment!).

    While seated on a weights bench grab a weighted barbell with both hands in an underhand grip. Place your elbows on your thighs so that your forearms are flat against them and your wrist is just beyond the point of your knee.

    Now slowly lower the bar by rotating the wrist down, hold for a brief moment and then rotate it back up towards you. Be sure to isolate the movement in your wrists only…nothing else should move.

    Repeat this movement for 10 reps, then do another 10 with an overhand grip.

    By using an overhand grip you will work the different muscles in your forearms, so I recommend that you do both if you are serious about how to get big forearms.

    #3 – Seated Supination

    This and the following exercise are great for working the little known (but hugely important) supinators and pronators. Don’t worry, these are just fancy names for the muscles that you find on the join between your forearm and bicep and make a major visual difference in your forearm size and shape.

    Grab a unilaterally loaded dumbbell (weight on one side) in your right hand with your thumb next to the weight, and rest your forearm on an elevated surface. In the start position your forearm should be rotated downward so that your thumb is pointing towards the floor.

    From here simply rotate your forearm in a twisting motion while lifting the weight, so that your thumb is pointing upwards. Return to the start and repeat for 10 reps. Then move over to the left hand.

    #4 – Seated Pronation

    This is similar to the above exercise but instead of starting with the weight next to your thumb, you’ll start with it next to your pinkie finger and rotate the weight from there. In other words you are rotating your forearm in the opposite direction in order to work a different muscle. Perform the same number of reps as above.

    If you can’t get hold of a unilaterally loaded dumbbell try using a normal dumbbell put put your thumb or pinky finger as close to the weight as possible.

    Note: Using an E-Z barbell bar for many of these exercises instead of the standard straight barbell, will make your life easier and put less pressure on your wrist joints, helping you to get big forearms without injury.

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