How To Get Big Shoulders – Skinny Guy Secrets To Big Shoulders

A popular skinny guy request – “How to get big shoulders”

One top request on many skinny guys’ lists is how to get big shoulders. All their lives they’ve felt self-conscious about this body part and now they are really looking for a way they can change the way their upper body looks, giving a much broader image.

If this describes you and you want change the pointy, boney shoulders you currently have, then this is what you need to know about how to get big shoulders quickly.

Focus More Effort On Overhead Lifts

The very first thing you must do if you are to learn how to get big shoulders is to place more emphasis on overhead lifts. This includes the shoulder press, behind the neck press, and the Arnold Press.

All of these movements are going to allow you to lift a heavy volume of weight, which is the primary concern for rapidly building muscle. The heavier the weight you can lift while still being able to reach the rep range of 5-8 reps, the more progress you’ll see.

Ideally to gain muscle mass you should perform at least one variation of the three exercises listed each workout, completing a total of 3-6 sets for this movement pattern.

Do Not Neglect Your Rear Delts

Second, you must not neglect your rear delts. So many skinny guys wonder how to get big shoulders, but their problem is that they’re putting all the emphasis on the front and medial delts, which are worked with the shoulder press.

In order to stimulate the rear delt and give the shoulder a much more full appearance, you’ve got to be doing reverse flyes or bent over laterals as well. You typically won’t be incredibly strong on these movements, but stimulating those muscles is absolutely essential so be sure you don’t overlook this fact.

Try Incorporating ‘Pulses’ Into Your Workout Program

Finally we come to the third method you can use with your skinny guy muscle building program – pulses. These are where you’ll do your full rep, come about halfway down to the start, and then press up once again to finish that half rep. This technique will really push the muscles to their limits, kick-starting growth like you haven’t experienced before.

This technique tends to work well with front and lateral raises, so if you are going to include these in your upper body workout program, test it out. You can attempt it with the overhead or behind the head press as well, just realize that you will likely have to reduce the weight in order to complete the exercise in this manner, which isn’t entirely in alignment with the goal of these exercises (to lift a max weight).

So, don’t wonder how to build big shoulders any longer. Use these techniques along with a proper skinny guy muscle building program so you can actually get big shoulders. This problem does not need to hinder you any longer provided you take the correct approach to your training.

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