How To Get Buff – 5 Rules On Getting Buff and Beach Ready

Sometimes for a skinny guy, putting on muscle mass and getting buff seems like the hardest thing in the world. Doesn’t matter what you try and what you eat you just can’t seem to gain muscle mass and put on weight. Suffering along with no muscle growth is no fun.

This is made even worse when you see guys that hardly ever work out, yet are pretty buff (and the girls seem to notice that too!)

How is it that some guys seem to know how to get buff quickly and other guys don’t? While your genetics could be part of the source of your frustration, they are not the only reason…after all, your genetics can be beaten by training smarter.

In this article I’d like to show you the 5 rules that you need to follow if you’re looking at how to get buff and beach ready.

So let’s do it!

Rule No. 1 – Follow A Solid Nutrition and Meal Plan
Without good nutrition you can kiss goodbye to any hopes of building serious muscle and getting buff…and without a good meal plan to get you organized you can kiss goodbye to ever keeping your nutrition consistent.

Spending hours down the gym is pointless if you are not refueling your muscles sufficiently and providing them with the building blocks that they need to repair themselves and grow. The biggest mistake skinny guys make when trying to get buff is simply not eating enough…even though most of them THINK they do.

I’m talking about some serious increases in calorie intake – multiply your current bodyweight in pounds by 24 and you’ll see what I mean. A guy weighing 175 pounds would be looking at a required intake of around 4,200 per day, so you see what I mean.

The best way to do this is to eat 6 meals per day to ensure regular calorie intake and a balanced metabolic rate. Try to get as much of your calories and protein from natural sources, only using supplements where necessary – a solid protein shake is really all you need.

Check out this free hardgainer diet plan here ==> Hardgainer Diet Plan

Rule No. 2 – Weight Train For Muscle Growth
While it is possible to see great muscle growth from bodyweight exercises and certain sports (swimming for example), by far the fastest way to see muscle gain is through weight training.

If you want to know how to get buff you’ll have to follow a workout program 3 to 4 times per week. For skinny hardgainers I recommend leaving at least one full day’s rest in between workouts to allow your body time to recover…otherwise you can risk overtraining which will only stunt your muscle growth.

Try this bodybuilding workout to help you in your quest of how to get buff:

Deadlifts 5-6 + 1-2 3 + 1 Max Set
Bench Press 5-6 + 1-2 3 + 1 Max Set
Shoulder Press super-setted with Upright Row 6-8 2
Horizontal Row 5-6 + 1-2 3 + 1 Max Set
Incline Curls super-setted with Dips 6-8 3
Shrugs 8-10 3

You can access the full workout free here ==> bodybuilding workout routine

Rule No. 3 – Train Heavy For Maximum Growth
Once you’ve got your nutrition plan sorted you’ll need to get serious about your workouts. Do you ever find yourself going to the gym and not really knowing what you’re going to do, and then just end up going through the motions in your workouts?

If that’s you then it’s time to get serious. Part of figuring out how to get buff is knowing how best to spend your time in the gym. Much like the nutrition aspect above, if you enter the gym without a plan then you’re likely to fail.

Get yourself a solid workout routine like the one above that focuses on multi-joint compound exercises like Squats and Bench Press, as these will help you build muscle faster.

Lifting heavy weights is and always has been the surest way to build muscle and get buff. I don’t know many guys who packed on pounds of muscle by doing lots of reps with low weights. The reason for this is simple…your body only grows when it has to. Without a constantly increasing resistance there is just no need for your muscles to increase in size.

So keep your weights heavy and your reps low (6-8 is about right) – your final reps should be almost impossible to complete…this will let you know that the weight is about right.

Rule No. 4 – Track Your Progress
A business that doesn’t know its numbers is doomed to failure and ultimately bankruptcy. The same is true of your workouts and nutrition. You need to keep track of your progress if you want to avoid becoming “physically” bankrupt.

Make sure you keep a regular training log showing rep and set numbers, rest time between exercises, as well as the essential body measurements like weight, body fat and muscle size.

While it may seem like yet another hassle it really is the best way to identify where the problems are and be able to take action to resolve them. Also, seeing your progress written on paper is a great motivator and an excellent way to get you fired up for your next session.

Try this program that has a complete online training log to let you keep track of your progress no matter where you are

==> Bodybuilding Workout Log

Rule No. 5 – Rest and Sleep
Getting proper rest and sleep is one of the most overlooked aspects of how to get buff. Why is rest so important?

The reason is that when we sleep our body produces natural anabolic growth hormones that help to repair and rebuild our muscles. Basically the pills and stuff that a lot of folks are forking out hundreds of dollars a month for can be got pretty much for free by getting a disciplined sleep pattern.

7 to 8 hours a night of quality sleep will do wonders for maximizing the level of growth hormones surging through your body, and will help you to increase your muscle and get buff faster.

Bonus Tip: Get A Tan and (Dare I Say) A Wax
This may sound like a bit of an odd one but if you’re looking at how to get buff and beach ready then you should look at this little trick that will help you achieve this easier and with impressive results.

At the end of the day a tanned and waxed body on a guy can make him look more muscular than he actually is. Heck, even the best body in the world is not going to be as impressive if it’s pasty white and covered in body hair…especially not to the chicks on the beach, right?

Thing is, it has become a lot easier for guys these days to walk into a tanning salon and sign up for a few sessions…the stigma has pretty much gone. And anyways, if it makes you look great then who cares what a few jealous folks say.

I would recommend that you get as much of your tanning from natural sun exposure as possible. I suggest that you take precautions when using salons and do only a few short sessions…don’t be bullied into a number of long sessions by the staff there…it’s not healthy for you – so just take it easy and use protection. You have to do what is right for your own body, no one else’s.

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  2. nathan says:

    I thought that doing low reps increases strength and leaves you looking bulk and not defined? should sweating off the calories only come after you gain the muscle size?

    • admin says:

      Hi Nathan,

      The difference between bulky and defined is more to do with diet than rep numbers. Low reps will build muscle and strength faster than high reps.

      Burning off body fat is a case of changing your diet and training routine (more Interval training and cardio)


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