How To Make Your Muscles Bigger – Tips To Make Your Muscles Grow

Why is it that gaining weight and packing on pounds of rock hard muscle seems to just come so effortlessly for some folks?

Heck, some of those guys don’t even work out that hard at the gym (if at all), and yet their muscles seem to inflate like balloons…a fact which is not missed by the girls, right?

If you’ve asked yourself many times how to make your muscles bigger, then I’m going to guess that you’ve probably tried a few exercises and routines, but nothing’s really clicked. Yeah, you’ve got the passion and determination to get bigger muscles, but it’s you’re damn genetics standing in the way, right?

Well, not exactly…

Now, while your genetics do play a significant role in the rate at which your muscles grow, it’s not the real reason why you are struggling to gain weight and find yourself with no muscle growth.

Below I’m going to show you the most important factors you’ll need to look at when wondering how to make your muscles bigger.

Finding The Right Routine For Your Body Type

One of the main reasons skinny guys fail in their quest to build bigger muscles is that they are often following a routine that is not designed for their specific body type…or worse, not following a routine at all (i.e. just going to the gym and throwing a few weights around).

The problem with this comes back to your genetics:

If you’re following a routine designed for a genetically-gifted pro-bodybuilder (most of those you’ll find in the big-name magazines), then you’re doing yourself an injustice…and you’re going to struggle.

Therefore, finding the right kind of routine that suits your body type is the first big step in figuring out how to make your muscles bigger.

What body type are you?

If you’re naturally skinny and struggle to put on any kind of weight at all, especially muscle bulk, then you’re probably a hardgainer or ectomorph.

Ok, so what does a hardgainer workout look like?

You can take a look at my free one here ==> Hardgainer Bodybuilding Workout Routine

Typically you’ll want to follow the kind of workout routine that is based around the following factors, as they will give you the most muscle-building bang for your buck as well as get the most from your body type and genetics:

All-Body Workouts – not split (i.e. don’t do biceps one day, shoulders the next, chest the day after, etc. – split workouts don’t allow sufficient rest for certain muscle groups while over-stressing others)

Compound Exercises – not isolation exercises (compound, or multi-joint exercises like Squats, Bench Press, and Deadlifts, incorporate multiple muscle groups in each rep, meaning you can lift heavier weights for longer to increase your testosterone levels, and finish your workouts quicker)

Rest Days In Between – anyone who goes to the gym 6 or 7 days a week is either over-training or doing it wrong. 3-4 full-body workouts per week allow at least one full day’s rest in between…why would you want to go to the gym every day anyway, right?

Lifting Heavy – utilizes the principle of Progressive Overload wherein your muscles get bigger through constantly increasing loads. If you’ve found yourself lifting the same weight every time you hit the gym, then this is one of the reasons why you’ve struggled to make your muscles bigger.

Lower Your Rep Numbers – a lot of folks tend to think the more reps the better. Well, if you’re wondering how to make your muscles bigger then this idea could be standing in your way. You want lower rep numbers on heavy weights…I’m talking between 6-10 reps…any more and the weight is too light, any less and the weight is too heavy.

So you see that building your workout routine around your body type is essential if you want to gain muscle mass and make your muscles bigger.

If you’re like me and don’t want to waste time structuring your own workouts and meal plans, then take a look at this complete program that lays out everything for you…what exercises to do, when to do them, how to get the most out of them, etc:

==> Vince Delmonte Workout

It is designed by a hardgainer for hardgainers, and so incorporates all the important points I talk about above.

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