Is Vince Delmonte Real? Is This Guy For Real Or Just A Marketing Ploy?


What with so many fitness and bodybuilding scams out there you could be forgiven for thinking that everyone is just out to get your money – no matter what.

So these days it pays to view every muscle building program you see with a slightly cynical eye.

In this light, many wonder about a certain character called Vince Delmonte and whether he is actually a real person with a real and genuine story.

Well, let me put your mind at rest…Vince Delmonte IS real and his story IS real too.

Sure, his marketing may be a little up front and too in-your-face at times for certain tastes, but the thing about Vince is that he lays himself out there for all to see and asks only that you take him as he is – what you see is what you get.

Personally I much prefer that kind of person than someone fake who pretends to be something that they’re not.

Is Vince A Natural Bodybuilder?

The unfortunate reality of much of the bodybuilding industry these days is that most of the guys you see are just juiced up on steroids, which…let’s be honest…no one in their right mind should be doing.

Natural bodybuilders like Vince (i.e. no drugs) are a refreshing change to these balloon-like monsters, and are much better role models and teachers for folks who want to look better and be healthier.

Vince’s muscle building program is a great way for skinny guys and girls to pack on solid muscle without using drugs or expensive supplements.

How Vince Treats His Subscribers

I know some people who treat they’re customers like crap and are only looking for the next sale…the classic type of “churn and burn” vendor.

Suffice to say you WON’T find that with Vince.

I’ve always found him to be extremely helpful and courteous to all folks, not just his paying customers.

In fact, the reason I started to promote his products was because he took the time to personally answer emails without trying to push his product down my throat like some vendors.

Vince Has Just Earned Pro Fitness Model Status

As I write this, Vince has just earned his pro card to allow him to compete at the fitness model world championships…

Why is that important?

I say it to highlight the fact that Vince practices what he preaches. He walks the walk.

Find out more about Vince’s program in my review of the Vince Delmonte Workout.

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