• Muscle Building Diet Plan – How To Eat For Big Gains

    Spending countless hours in the weights room will only get you so far…without a solid nutrition plan you’ll end up frustrated and never able to reach and blow beyond your genetic potential.

    A well designed muscle building diet plan will ensure that your body meets its energy requirements for the arduous workouts, as well as have sufficient protein for muscle repair and growth.

    Before we get in to the muscle building diet plan itself let’s take a quick look at how we need to structure it based on our nutrient requirements.

    How Many Calories?

    This will be different from person to person, but as an average you should be looking at around 24 calories per pound of current bodyweight. This means that if you weigh 180 pounds, you should aim to get around 4,320 calories per day (180 x 24).

    How Much Protein?

    A muscle building diet plan without sufficient protein is a contradiction in terms, so therefore close attention should be paid to how much protein you take on.

    A good rule of thumb is around 2 grams of protein per pound of current bodyweight. So for the same 180 pound guy above, he would need around 360 grams of protein per day, which is a lot I must admit.

    To make it easier you can use protein powders, but use them sparingly…no more than once or twice per training day (you can slightly reduce your protein intake on your off days).

    It’s always best as far as possible to get your protein from whole food sources like lean meats, fish, eggs and nuts as they contain a whole host of other essential nutrients that complement your muscle building diet plan.

    How Many Carbs?

    Carbs provide your body with the energy it needs to fulfill your intense workouts and also serve to keep your muscles full and large.

    You should match your daily carb intake to your protein intake, i.e. 2 grams per pound of current bodyweight.

    How Much Fat?

    Fats are essential for any diet, especially a muscle building diet plan.

    While you won’t need anywhere near as much fat as protein or carbs, you should aim for around 20-25% of your diet composed of good fats.

    What do I mean by good fats?

    These are fats from natural healthy sources like fish oils, nuts, olive oil and avocado. These fats will boost your testosterone and other muscle building hormones as well as keep your joints strong and healthy.

    Avoid processed fats like trans fats that you find in some cheap cakes and pastries…these will do nothing but pile on a layer of unwanted fat and do long term damage to your body. Eating plenty of muscle building vegetables is a great way to get some extra calories without unhealthy fat gain.

    Sample Muscle Building Diet Plan – 4500 Calories

    Breakfast (800 calories)

    4 egg whites + 2 whole eggs

    1 cup oatmeal (dry measurement)

    1 slice whole grain bread

    1 tbsp natural peanut butter

    1 orange
    Snack (700 calories)

    1 can tuna

    1 whole grain tortilla wrap

    2 tbsp low-fat mayonnaise

    1 banana

    1 cup low-fat milk

    12 almonds
    Lunch (800 calories)

    6 oz chicken breast

    1 ½ cups brown rice

    ½ chopped pepper

    ½ cup chopped mushrooms

    ½ cup chopped carrots

    1 tbsp olive oil
    Snack (700 calories)

    1 scoop protein powder – (I prefer Whey protein – vanilla ice-cream flavour..yum!)

    1 cup low-fat milk

    1 banana

    1 tbsp peanut butter

    1 whole grain bagel
    Dinner (800 calories)

    6 oz steak

    1 cup whole grain pasta

    1 tbsp olive oil

    2 cups chopped mixed vegetables (to prepare stir-fry)

    1 cup low-fat milk

    1 cup berries
    Snack (700 calories)

    1 cup cottage cheese

    2 tbsp natural peanut butter

    ½ cup oatmeal (raw measurement)

    20 almonds

    TOTAL = 4500 Calories

    ********* MEAL PLAN END *********
    This meal plan works great when combined with a muscle building program for beginners.

    Spread your meals evenly throughout the day to keep your metabolic rate and energy levels consistent.

    If you liked this meal plan then please feel free to send it on to friends and family that you think will find it useful.

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