• Nutrient Timing For Lean Muscle Growth – You Are WHEN You Eat!
    nutrient timing As somebody who’s looking to pack on muscle mass, you’ve no doubt heard that in order to do so you need to consume a large number of calories per day.
    This is true, but it’s really only half of the story.
    You see, just blindly eating a load of calories per day will help you gain weight, but not necessarily the lean muscle mass that you are looking for. This traditional bulking method will often cause unwanted body fat gain which will not only harm your appearance, but can in some cases cause long term damage to your body since you’re eating when your body doesn’t need it.
    Current scientific understanding behind the relationship of nutrition and muscle growth concludes that nutrient timing is as important as what you are putting inside your body – in short, you are WHEN you eat.

    What Is Nutrient Timing?

    Nutrient timing is about making sure that you are eating the right foods at the right time to maximize your natural anabolic hormone production and build muscle mass, while minimizing the chances of you putting on excess fat, and in many cases will help you to actually lose fat while gaining muscle.

    Why Nutrient Timing Is Important

    Without considering the importance of nutrient timing in your diet and nutrition plan you are really leaving your muscle building efforts up to chance.

    For example, you may be eating the right kind of meals with the right number of calories, but if you’re eating them when your muscles actually require them then they are effectively being wasted, and the excess being stored as fat instead of burnt as energy or used to rebuild and repair your muscle tissue to aid growth.

    Not only may you increase your body fat levels but you may actually lose muscle mass – if the nutrients aren’t there to provide your body with the energy it requires, it may just extract it from your muscles causing you to lose mass even though you are working out.
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    When Are The Most Important Meal Times

    Since eating at the right time is super-important for gaining lean muscle mass it makes sense to quickly go over when the most essential times for eating are, and to make sure that these times are a priority in your eating schedule and meal plan.
    Waking Up – remember that upon waking you are essentially leaving a 7 to 9 hour fast, so your body is desperate for nutrition and nutrient timing becomes vitally important. Get some complex carbohydrates like oatmeal to help give you slow-release energy for the day. I like to add a chopped banana and a scoop of protein powder for a high powered breakfast.
    1-2 Hours Pre-Workout – this is a very important meal time as you need to supply your body with the energy it requires for the gruelling workout you are about to perform. High energy foods and a good source of protein will set your body up right.
    Post Workout – between 45 minutes and 1 hour after your workout you want to make sure that you get a really good meal. Don’t forget that the post-workout window is a critical time for good nutrition – your body will have used up a lot of energy stores from the workout and so will be looking for more. If you leave it too long you increase the chances of it deriving energy from your muscles – don’t let it do it.
    Feed your body with a good load of carbs, a good dose of protein and some unsaturated fat for increased testosterone production. A good protein shake immediately after working out is a great way to get some quick protein since it is more easily absorbed than say a steak.
    Before Bed – you want to go for a lighter meal here even though you will be entering a 7-9 hour fast. The reason is that your metabolism slows down when you sleep meaning that a big meal increases your chances of excess body fat storage. You want a slow-digesting protein and easily digested carbs with very little fat.
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