Protein Powder For Women – A Girl’s Guide To Protein

As you start getting more and more involved with your workout program, it’s important to look for a good protein powder for women. One of the biggest factors that most females struggle with when it comes to their diet is getting in enough protein, so this makes things incredibly simple.

A well designed protein powder for women will help you create the lean muscle tissue you’re looking for without making you look overly bulky. By supplying the primary amino acids the body needs, you’ll keep your metabolism revved all day long so you can burn fat faster to reveal the toned body underneath.

Here is how to choose a protein powder for women.

Total Calorie Count

The first thing to look at is the total calorie count. Since you do not require as many calories as a male does, you’ll want to keep the total calorie count of your protein powder at around 90-130 calories. This will help you maintain your lower calorie balance while still ensuring you’re meeting your needs.

Carbohydrate Content

The next thing to assess is the carbohydrate content of the powder you’re looking at. Ideally unless you are on a progressive weight gaining program, you’ll want the total carbohydrate count to be around 5 grams or less. This will help ensure that it’s almost 100% protein and has little carbohydrate content (protein powder typically never has more than one or two grams of dietary fat).

If you are looking to increase your calories up, you can consider one that’s a little higher in carbohydrates, but still keep it under or around 15 grams as often it’s just added sugars.


Additional Ingredients

The third to thing to look at when choosing a protein powder for women is additional ingredients added in. Some will have aspartame or other sweeteners and others will have additional supplement ingredients.

Have a look at the ingredient listing so you can get the full picture of what you’re taking in and be sure you are okay with it.

Whey, Egg, or Soy?

Finally, the last factor to keep in mind is the actual type of protein powder you want to purchase. Whey tends to be the most popular and will also have the added benefit of giving a dose of calcium as well. Egg protein powders are a great source of protein and will be good for those who are lactose intolerant. Finally, soy protein powders are the ideal choice for those women who are vegetarians.

One especially nice thing about soy protein powders is that they typically tend to fulfill 10-25% of your iron needs, which is a nutrient that many women often fall short in.

So be sure you’re keeping all this information in mind as you choose a protein powder for women. It really is a very convenient way to ensure you’re meeting your needs so well worth the investment if you are serious about reaching your fitness and nutrition goals.

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