• Skinny To Muscle – How To Transform Your Boney Body
    While most of the public and mainstream media seem obsessed with weight loss and fad diets to help them stay slim, there are a number of “forgotten” folks who want to know how to do the opposite…namely how to gain weight and transform their boney bodies from skinny to muscle.

    The thing is, being a skinny guy (or gal) can be really tough and affect your confidence in much the same way as obesity affects those who are overweight. Even a simple thing like walking into a clothes store and trying stuff on can be an arduous task as you try to find something that will cover up your pointy boney shoulders and not make you look like a bean pole.

    If you’re serious about transforming your boney body from skinny to muscle then you need to pay attention to the following three things.

    Transform Your Diet

    Gaining weight for a skinny guy or girl starts right here with your diet. Unfortunately, many folks don’t take it seriously enough and think that eating a little more than average is sufficient.

    The key point to remember is that insufficient calorie intake will result in your body deriving some of its energy from the glycogen stores in your muscle tissue, since they are easier to access and quicker to synthesise than your fat stores. This will result in reduced muscle growth and very little muscle building success.

    So increasing your daily calories is step number one in going from skinny to muscle. There are some online calorie calculators available that will tell you your rough calorie requirement depending on your body and activity level.

    Split those calories into 6 separate meals a day and make sure they come from healthy sources – don’t think that a four-cheese double pepperoni pizza is going to cut it! :)

    Transform Your Workouts

    A good high calorie diet is only one piece of the puzzle…your weight training workout is integral to your success.

    Avoid the high-rep isolation workouts that you find in the bodybuilding magazines, these are no good for skinny guys and girls.

    You want low-rep heavy-weight workouts that work all the major muscle groups each training session like you’ll find in this muscle building program for beginners.

    Do this 3 times a week and you guarantee that each muscle is worked equally throughout the week instead of the usual once which can happen on a typical isolation workout.

    Some typical lifts that you want to make a pert of your routine are:
    Squats, Bench Press, Deadlifts, and Bent Over Rows.

    As you can see, these types of exercises work multiple muscle groups at the same time (known as compound exercises) and are therefore ideal for skinny guys looking to go from skinny to muscle.

    Transform Your Life

    Keeping the motivation to start a workout and then keep going is probably the hardest thing for anyone. We all have access to the information, we can all get a good plan but can we stick to it?

    If you look at any successful body transformation you’ll notice that they had the determination to stick to it.

    Therefore it can be a great idea to get yourself a training partner so you can keep each other going when you don’t really feel like it, and push yourselves further than you could do by yourself.

    Finding a good muscle building routine and meal plan is also a great idea as it will lay everything out and avoid you getting caught up in the details and feeling overwhelmed (overwhelm is a terrible motivation killer). A good program will also contain a forum which lets you get answers to frustrating questions as well as get much-needed motivation and encouragement through the tough days.

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