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Muscle Building Vegetables – Why You Need Them For Muscle Growth

While there is much talk about the role of protein in muscle building and all the various sources for it, from meat to fish to eggs to protein supplements, there is not much talk about the role of vegetables in a muscle building routine and meal plan. Continue reading

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Skinny To Muscle – How To Transform Your Boney Body

While most of the public and mainstream media seem obsessed with weight loss and fad diets to help them stay slim, there are a number of “forgotten” folks who want to know how to do the opposite…namely how to gain weight and transform their boney bodies from skinny to muscle. The thing is, being a skinny guy (or gal) can be really tough and affect your confidence in much the same way as obesity affects those who are overweight. Even a simple thing like walking into a clothes store and trying stuff on can be an arduous task as you try to find something that will cover up your pointy boney shoulders and not make you look like a bean pole. If you’re serious about transforming your boney body from skinny to muscle then you need to pay attention to the following three things. Continue reading

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How To Bulk Up Fast – Learn The Three Main Factors To Building Muscle Quickly

In order to learn how to bulk up fast, there are a few key things you must know about. Many guys don’t take the time to learn the right principles to gaining weight, which really reflects in the results they see. If you want to build muscle quickly, you’ve got to go about it in the right manner. Continue reading

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Do Push Ups Build Muscle? 3 Reasons To Include Them In Your Workout

In this technological age of ab rollers, electrode muscle builders, and wizz bang supplements, the humble push up has sadly taken a back seat among fitness “gurus”. Deemed “not sexy enough” by many folks, you could be forgiven for thinking that this is due more to its lack of effectiveness as a muscle building exercise as opposed to the feeling that it is just not trendy. Here I’m going to answer the question of “do push ups build muscle?”, and show you a few reasons why they are worth performing on a regular basis. Continue reading

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How To Make Your Muscles Bigger – Tips To Make Your Muscles Grow

Why is it that gaining weight and packing on pounds of rock hard muscle seems to just come so effortlessly for some folks? Heck, some of those guys don’t even work out that hard at the gym (if at all), and yet their muscles seem to inflate like balloons…a fact which is not missed by the girls, right? If you’ve asked yourself many times how to make your muscles bigger, then I’m going to guess that you’ve probably tried a few exercises and routines, but nothing’s really clicked. Yeah, you’ve got the passion and determination to get bigger muscles, but it’s you’re damn genetics standing in the way, right? Continue reading

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Vince Delmonte Workout Routine – An Overview

Over the last few years Vince Delmonte has become one of the premier muscle building coaches on the internet. A former skinny guy himself he knows the sheer frustration that we “hardgainers” go through when trying to gain muscle mass, especially since there is so much so-called “advice” out there that is really designed with the pro-bodybuilder in mind. Continue reading

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No Muscle Gain? – Here’s How To Beat Your Skinny Genetics

There are few things that are more frustrating than trying to gain weight and muscle mass but struggling to do either. Doesn’t seem to matter what you eat, what exercises you do down the gym or how many bodybuilding magazines you read you just can’t seem to get that burst of muscle growth you desire. Seeing no muscle gain can sometimes make you think that this is just your lot and you should settle for it…after all, if you’ve got skinny genetics what can you do to change them, right? Continue reading

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How Much Rest Between Workouts? Exactly How Much Rest Is Ideal?

So you’re totally pumped up and ready to get going on your muscle workouts, but you’re wondering exactly how often you should be training and how much rest you should be getting between workouts? This is a very common question and quite rightly so, as it’s an important one too, since our muscles grow when we are resting…not while we are training. Training too often can cause all sorts of problems, the least of which will be slow and stunted muscle growth. On the other hand, training too little or infrequently can reduce your potential to build muscle and result in frustration and poor muscle growth. Continue reading

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How To Get Buff – 5 Rules On Getting Buff and Beach Ready

Sometimes for a skinny guy, putting on muscle mass and getting buff seems like the hardest thing in the world. Doesn’t matter what you try and what you eat you just can’t seem to gain muscle mass and put on weight. This is made even worse when you see guys that hardly ever work out, yet are pretty buff (and the girls seem to notice that too!) How is it that some guys seem to know how to get buff quickly and other guys don’t? While your genetics could be part of the source of your frustration, they are not the only reason…after all, your genetics can be beaten by training smarter. In this article I’d like to show you the 5 rules that you need to follow if you’re looking at how to get buff and beach ready. Continue reading

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Why Can’t I Gain Weight? – 3 Common Reasons Why You Are Struggling

As a naturally skinny person myself who struggled like crazy to pack on some pounds, I can’t tell you how many times I nearly pulled my hair out in frustration screaming “why can’t I gain weight?!” It didn’t matter how much I willed it or changed my daily lifestyle, I’d weigh myself on the scales a few weeks after starting a new training routine that I thought would make the difference…only to see the needle stay on the same darn number as before I started! Arrrggghhh! Pure frustration! Continue reading

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