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Hardgainer Diet Plan – What Hardgainers Need To Eat To Build Muscle

If you’re someone who is really struggling to, you need to put yourself on a hardgainer diet. This is a diet that is more calorie dense and will therefore provide an overabundance of calories in order to help you generate lean body tissue. Here is a sample 4,500 calorie meal plan that you should follow. Continue reading

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How To Get Buff – 5 Rules On Getting Buff and Beach Ready

Sometimes for a skinny guy, putting on muscle mass and getting buff seems like the hardest thing in the world. Doesn’t matter what you try and what you eat you just can’t seem to gain muscle mass and put on weight. This is made even worse when you see guys that hardly ever work out, yet are pretty buff (and the girls seem to notice that too!) How is it that some guys seem to know how to get buff quickly and other guys don’t? While your genetics could be part of the source of your frustration, they are not the only reason…after all, your genetics can be beaten by training smarter. In this article I’d like to show you the 5 rules that you need to follow if you’re looking at how to get buff and beach ready. Continue reading

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