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Nutrient Timing For Lean Muscle Growth – You Are WHEN You Eat!

just blindly eating a load of calories per day will help you gain weight, but not necessarily the lean muscle mass that you are looking for. Current scientific understanding behind the relationship of nutrition and muscle growth concludes that nutrient timing is as important as what you are putting inside your body – in short, you are WHEN you eat. Continue reading

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How Much Rest Between Workouts? Exactly How Much Rest Is Ideal?

So you’re totally pumped up and ready to get going on your muscle workouts, but you’re wondering exactly how often you should be training and how much rest you should be getting between workouts? This is a very common question and quite rightly so, as it’s an important one too, since our muscles grow when we are resting…not while we are training. Training too often can cause all sorts of problems, the least of which will be slow and stunted muscle growth. On the other hand, training too little or infrequently can reduce your potential to build muscle and result in frustration and poor muscle growth. Continue reading

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