• The Anabolic Amplifier Effect? – What The Heck Is It and How Can You Use It?
    There is a lot of talk recently about the anabolic amplifier effect and how it can be used to see faster gains in muscle mass with less effort.

    Trouble is, most folks don’t have a clue what the anabolic amplifier effect even IS, let alone what it can do for them.

    Here I’d like to show you what it is and the best way for you to incorporate it in to your muscle routine for faster results.

    What Is The Anabolic Amplifier Effect?

    The anabolic amplifier effect basically refers to the way in which the body quickly responds to a sudden change in diet and exercise by gaining more muscle mass at a rapid rate.
    What We Can Learn From The Weight Loss Crowd…

    If you’ve ever heard of calorie cycling (really popular among the weight loss crowd) then you’ll know how the body responds to a regular change in diet. Eating the same amount of calories every day for week after week after week may result in a sudden change in your body, but these results will often taper off.

    For instance, if you start a high calorie bulking diet (combined with a weight training program) you’ll no doubt see a significant increase in muscle gains at the start, but over the weeks these gains may taper off until you are gaining more fat than muscle.

    Those initial fast muscle gains were a result of the anabolic amplifier effect.

    The Bodybuilding “Rebound” Phenomenon

    Bodybuilders have known about this closely guarded secret for a while…in fact they call it the “rebound phenomenon“.

    Going into a competition, pro bodybuilders will go super strict on their diet to shave off pounds of body fat, aiming for a super low percentage. Obviously this means they will often lose some muscle mass as a side effect.

    Yet immediately after the contest, they often pig out on VERY large numbers of calories…basically eating everything in sight!

    You might think that such a pig-out session would mean a massive increase in body fat, right?

    Well, you’d be wrong!

    Instead of ugly fat they see a HUGE rise in muscle mass – some of the biggest gains they see at ANY time!

    This shows that regular changes in our diet cycle can promote better, faster and more consistent muscle growth.

    Non-linear Muscle Growth

    Muscle growth doesn’t happen in a straight line…in other words it happens in SPURTS.

    Imagine if you could tap into HOW to make those spurts happen more regularly, and when you wanted them…wouldn’t that make your time down the gym much more effective?

    Think how much bigger you could be in 6 months time just by harnessing this kind of knowledge…

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