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    If you’re looking to gain weight and put on muscle, chances are you’ve scoured the internet for the right bodybuilding program.

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    There are literally hundreds of programs available out there, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that most of them tout the same old rehashed strategies that don’t work, leaving you out of money and out of luck.

    Vince Delmonte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building Course claims to be different. Vince says he can provide the solution to the “skinny guy’s” dilemma of wanting to gain weight and muscle mass in a short period of time. But is Vince the real deal?

    This review sets out to take a closer look at the Vince Delmonte workout program and claims. I hope that through my evaluation I can help you make an informed decision about Vince Delmonte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building Course in order to get you on track to the healthier, happier, better looking body you’ve always wanted.

    NOTE: In this review, I go over the full upgrade package offered by Delmonte. There is also a basic package available for sale, but it will not offer all the features mentioned here.

    Who On Earth Is Vince Delmonte & Can His Workout Help You?

    Formerly known as “Skinny Vinny” at only 149 pounds, Delmonte embarked on a weight gain and muscle building program that landed him at 210 pounds and led to the title of Canadian National Fitness Model Champion.

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    His own transformation was pretty impressive as shown by the pictures opposite.
    Since winning this title, Vince has worked as a personal trainer and used his knowledge as a bodybuilder to generate fitness programs for almost any body type. His main focus has been in building muscle for those who have struggled in the past due to issues that range from being “too skinny” to “too old.”

    Delmonte then created this workout plan as a means to communicate all that knowledge to the general public in a concise and rapid manner. This program is a comprehensive guide to gaining weight and building muscle in a short time period.

    Be Warned!…

    The title of this workout plan is not a euphemism—it’s fact. Vince knows the struggle that many people face due to naturally high metabolisms and genetics, but he will no longer let you use that as an excuse.

    Vince tells it like it is and doesn’t hold back. This program will NOT sugar-coat the facts and make you “feel good about yourself” as you workout. These programs are geared for a different set of people…those looking for a serious change in appearance and willing to put in the work to achieve that.

    Ultimately, the “secrets” of the bodybuilding industry are not that complex, but there is too much money to be made by keeping people in the dark. Vince Delmonte seeks to remove the veil of silence cast by the supplement industry and magazine publishers and makes the creation of a muscular, fit body a REALITY without those aids.

    Vince’s Target Audience…

    Since Vince went through the same struggles himself, his primary market for these workouts are what he calls “hardgainer” types. Those people who have a hard time putting on weight, or putting on the right kind of weight (muscle) can use these workouts to see the results that would otherwise elude them with the use of supplements and weight gain products.

    Also because of his own experience and expertise, the type of build that the Vince Delmonte workout will create is much more closely associated with fitness models over bodybuilders.

    His focus is upon not only building muscle mass, but also stretching those muscles. Therefore, many of the workouts contained in this program will emphasize the stretching aspects of muscle building as well as the bulking that you associate with bodybuilders.

    This diversity of routine is great for both beginners as well as intermediates since it does not require any previous workout experience and will also provide nutritional guidance. It is also excellent for those who are more advanced in their muscle building workout routines since it will provide additional ideas, exercises and stretches.

    Step I: The Workouts

    Vince designed his No Nonsense Muscle Building Course to embrace two basic, but essential, workout principles: Periodization and Progressive Overload. Both of these methods are key to slow, permanent and consistent muscle growth over time which stand in contrast to many competing programs which provide immediate results followed by plateau.

    In essence, the goals of periodization and progressive overload are to change techniques and exercises consistently as means to make your body to adapt to changes. In other routines, constantly repeating the same exercise over and over again will cause your muscle growth to even out since your body is used to the load that the exercise causes. This is a common mistake made by hardgainers and overcoming it is at the heart of Delmonte’s system.

    Another great bonus with the No Nonsense Workout system is that it is designed to take users through and entire year of workouts. And, rather than simply list exercises and give vague time tables, Vince’s system provides clear easy-to-follow calendars as well as a journal to keep track of your progress.

    Hands down, however, the best part of Delmonte’s system lies in the flexibility it allows its users. Vince designed the overall system, but you design the program that will work best for your body.

    How Is This Accomplished? Well, because of his experience working as a personal trainer, Vince integrates all of his knowledge of body types and responses into a comprehensive package that provides you with his knowledge. In contrast to the “Do this workout Monday, this workout Tuesday…” approach of many other systems, Vince’s plan will be tailored for you by you, giving you both confidence and results.

    Step II: The Diets

    Any fitness enthusiast will tell you that the key to better health and leaner muscle is not in the workouts, it’s in the diet. To steal a phrase from the hip hop industry: garbage in, garbage out. If you want to take control of your health and appearance it starts with what you eat.

    A lot of Vince’s material is dedicated to this idea that what you eat is as important as what you do in terms of gaining weight and building lean muscle. His mantra is a common one in the weight gaining world: you have to eat BIG to get BIG.

    There are two important steps to gaining weight and doing it right. First you need to eat more, and next you need to eat more often. By doing this you ensure a constant source of fuel and are more likely to turn that fuel into muscle instead of fat.

    But I Don’t Know How To Plan My Meals!”

    For many people, however, the real challenge is in planning and following their diet because they either don’t have enough knowledge to plan or enough time to do it. Vince’s program remedies that. He provides users with the tools they need in the form of a calorie calculator as well as 84 days worth of meals developed by a nutritionist. These diets will range in calories from 2,000 (for maintenance) to 6,000 (for maximum gain).

    By taking the planning aspect away from you, Vince helps to ensure your success. It is a fact that most weight management and muscle building programs fail because of diet, not exercise. The information contained in the diet portion alone is worth the purchase price of this program, since it allows you to simply print a page and go.

    With all the distractions that we face on a daily basis between work, home, children and the like, having your meals planned and easy to access will save you time and really help you nail your goals.

    Step III: The Full Package

    By this point you are probably curious about what is really included in the Vince Delmonte workout plan. Though the workouts and the diet are really enough to get you going on their own, they are merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the support that Vince provides.

    This package includes so much more than a simple .pdf downloaded eBook (though he has that too). Vince also makes sure that his users are clear on the program’s goals through video demos as well as a Members Only Forum that will allow you to ask questions of and get support from others on similar journeys.

    The forum is really the best part about this program, since it provides a community of people there to help you and encourage you along the path of your muscle building journey and offer success stories that will continue to motivate you each day.

    Click image opposite for a larger view of inside the members area ==>

    (opens in a new window)

    The Full Deluxe Upgrade Course comes with:

    * No Nonsense Muscle Building eBooks – One for Men, One For Women (219 pages)

    * Audio MP3 of the book included

    * No Nonsense Fat Cutting eBook – One for Men, One For Women (67 pages)

    * Audio MP3 of the book included

    * No Nonsense Muscle Building DVD

    * Online Training Log

    * Upside Down Training Program

    * 29 Week Beginner-Intermediate Intensive Workout Program

    * 29 Week Advanced Max Power Workout Program

    * Virtual Trainer – Detailed Exercise Demonstrations

    * Unforgiveable Workout Sins MP3

    * Metabolic Calculator

    * 84 Days of Meal Plans at 5 different calorie levels

    * Recommended Supplements Advice

    * One-on-One Email Coaching

    * Private Members Forum


    The Missing Pieces…

    Despite the many, many good points to the Vince Delmonte workout system, there are a few areas where the program could improve. The biggest problem was in offering alternatives to a well-equipped gym. Those working out at home, with limited access to equipment and weights, will be at a serious disadvantage with this program.

    The next issue is with the sheer volume of information that this program provides. Although this is a bonus for many people, absolute beginners may find themselves overwhelmed by the amount of ideas and the level of information that this program presents.

    There is a solution to the second problem, however, if you are willing to take the time to follow through the videos Vince offers and read through all the material carefully. One way or another, if your goal is to gain muscle, then you will need to learn this stuff, and I can help you out if you’re struggling. Just send an email to john[at]gainmusclemass[dot]net.

    The Final Verdict?

    In my honest opinion, this is one of the most comprehensive and complete guides to bodybuilding and muscle gaining available. Vince Delmonte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building Workout program gives its users all the tools they need to succeed, from knowledge through support.

    By lifting the veil of secrecy over the whole process by informing users as well as offering one-on-one counseling and video guides, Vince shows that he cares about his users’ experience and success. He is there to help you and stand behind his product, which speaks volumes about him and his confidence in this system.

    Bottom Line: Vince Delmonte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building program is the real deal, a good deal and we highly recommend it to those hardgainers looking to build muscle and see results fast.

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