Vince Delmonte Workout Routine – An Overview

Vince Delmonte Workout Routine – An Overview

Over the last few years Vince Delmonte has become one of the premier muscle building coaches on the internet. A former skinny guy himself he knows the sheer frustration that we “hardgainers” go through when trying to gain muscle mass, especially since there is so much so-called “advice” out there that is really designed with the pro-bodybuilder in mind.

What Is The Core Of The Workout Routines?

The Vince Delmonte workout routines found in his No Nonsense Muscle Building Course are designed with the skinny hardgainer and ectomorph in mind.

As such there is a major emphasis on multi-joint compound exercises such as Squats, Deadlifts and Bench Press, which work more muscle tissue per rep and are thus ideal for helping hardgainers gain those pounds of muscle.

You’ll also notice a general absence of high rep numbers and split workouts, which you will typically find most of the big-name bodybuilding magazines.

The reason for this is simple – to build mass you are better off with lower rep numbers on heavier weights. It’s also important to ensure each muscle group gets adequate and equal rest…for this reason the program is designed for full-body workouts 3-4 times per week instead of split workouts every day (i.e. arms Monday, chest Tuesday, legs Wednesday etc.)

Who Will Benefit From The Workout Routines?

The Vince Delmonte workout routine is designed with the hardgainer in mind, but is ideal for anyone who finds themself struggling to gain weight and build muscle, or has seen their muscle building efforts plateau.

Vince gives plenty of advice throughout on not only avoiding plateaus in your workouts, but how to break through them and keep on growing.

The Vince Delmonte workout routines come with 29 weeks of beginner routines as well as 29 weeks of intermediate to advanced routines, in addition to other routines that are used to break up the workout cycle.

For this reason the Vince Delmonte workout routines will benefit those at all levels.

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