• What To Eat To Gain Muscle Mass -
    5 Muscle Building Foods
  • Figuring out exactly what to eat to gain muscle mass should be a top priority because having a good diet planned out is half the battle when it comes to gaining weight for the skinny guy.

    Far too many people make the mistake of putting their attention solely on the workout program, only to neglect the diet entirely. This is going to lead to mediocre results at best, so by factoring both parts into the equation, you will help propel your progress forward.

    If you want to know what to eat to gain muscle mass, make sure you look over the following five foods.

    Dried Fruit

    For most people, fruit serves to be an enjoyable part of the diet that adds sweetness and helps take care of cravings.

    When you’re wondering what to eat to gain muscle mass though, instead of filling your stomach with fresh fruit that contains high amounts of water and fiber you’ll want to go for dried fruit instead. This makes getting in sufficient calories much easier.

    Nuts and Nut Butter

    The second food to start adding to your diet is nuts or nut butters. These again are extremely calorie dense and contain a healthy source of fat that will help keep you lean while you build muscle.

    Nuts are also easy to transport and make for a perfect quick snack when you’re driving home from work or have a break between classes.

    Raw Oatmeal

    Anyone who’s learned what to eat to gain muscle mass will always list oatmeal as one of the main sources of carbs. Oatmeal is slow to digest so it will reduce blood sugar spikes and crashes, allowing you to prevent body fat gain.

    The drawback with oatmeal is that it does fill you up quickly, which limits the amount of calories you can take in.

    The way around this is to start eating it raw. Fill your bowl with raw oats, toss in some dried fruit, and then pour milk over it. This is a fantastic way to get in a high amount of calories that provide quality nutrition.

    Lean Red Meat

    When it comes to protein sources, many skinny guys will avoid red meat. They think it’s too high in fat to be included in their diet and opt for chicken instead.

    While you don’t want to make red meat your only source of protein, including some in your diet is a smart move because this will enable you to meet your iron requirements, making sure you get enough oxygen to the muscle tissues.


    Finally, the fifth food on your diet should be salmon. Salmon is also a great source of protein that will provide the body with essential fatty acids as well. These are required to not only maintain proper health, but to also promote faster protein synthesis so you can build muscle quicker.

    Aim to eat salmon at least twice a week for best results.

    By making sure you learn the essentials of what to eat to gain muscles you will be putting your best foot forward in the long run when it comes to optimal results.

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