Why Can’t I Gain Weight? – 3 Common Reasons Why You Are Struggling

As a naturally skinny person myself who struggled like crazy to pack on some pounds, I can’t tell you how many times I nearly pulled my hair out in frustration screaming “why can’t I gain weight?!

It didn’t matter how much I willed it or changed my daily lifestyle, I’d weigh myself on the scales a few weeks after starting a new training routine that I thought would make the difference…only to see the needle stay on the same darn number as before I started! Arrrggghhh! Pure frustration!

Now, while some folks will tut and tell you to be grateful that you are naturally slim, I won’t do the same. In fact, I’m gonna tell you what you need to do to change your situation and gain weight.

I’ve found that there are 3 major things you need to know in order to stop wondering “why can’t I gain weight” and actually start packing some meat on them bones.

Poor Approach To Diet

In general, the biggest reason folks are constantly wondering “why can’t I gain weight?” is simply that their diet plan is insufficient for someone with a naturally high metabolic rate.

This is so common, and I think I know the reason…most of the media and society is obsessed with LOSING weight, that it can be difficult to find credible sources on how to GAIN weight.

Increasing your daily calorie intake AND meal time frequency is essential to putting on more weight and beating your skinny demons. People like us with a fast metabolism need to eat about 6 times per day in order to keep our system stable and healthy. This increased calorie intake will aid your body’s ability to perform better in your workouts and gain muscle mass faster.

What do you mean you’re not working out?

Inappropriate Training Routine
The secret to gaining weight in a healthy manner is by following a solid workout plan consistently to gain muscle mass and a toned body. Muscle weighs more than fat, so it is in your interest to focus on this aspect in your weekly schedules.

However, following any old routine you find in a magazine is not enough…and this is the second biggest reason skinny folks are asking themselves “why can’t I gain weight?”

You see, not every exercise is created equal, and thus, neither is every training routine. Different body types require different routines, as do different experience levels. A pro bodybuilder is going to be working out a LOT differently to a guy who is stepping into the gym for the first time.

For skinny folks, the best kind of workout they can perform is one designed for ectomorphs and hardgainers, and will consist primarily of compound exercises that work multiple muscle groups – stimulating more muscle per rep and helping you gain muscle mass faster.

Things like Squats, Bench Press, and Deadlifts are the sort of thing I’m talking about. Focus on a core of these, and keep your workouts intense – 45 mins to an hour is enough…no need for marathon sessions down the gym as this will only cause fatigue and result in you struggling to gain muscle.

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Inadequate Sleeping Pattern / High Stress Levels
A highly overlooked but increasingly important factor in a skinny person’s ability to gain weight is their inadequate sleeping pattern and / or high stress levels.

You see, natural anabolic growth hormones are produced when we reach deep sleep resulting in better muscle tissue repair, faster muscle growth and easier weight gain. This process usually happens after around 4 hours or so.

On the contrary, poor disturbed sleep and high stress levels result in an overproduction of a catabolic hormone called Cortisol which results in less muscular tissue repair (in some cases muscular atrophy), and a faster metabolic rate. This will only hamper your ability to gain weight.

Ask yourself, could your current sleeping pattern be a major reason why you can’t gain weight? Are you under stress, or finding it difficult to get a good night’s rest?

Make a good sleeping pattern part of your daily routine and eliminate as much stress as possible from your life…I know, I know, easier said than done, right?

Your exercise routine will go some way in helping you to de-stress and get a proper night’s sleep.

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